5 Things Single Girls Are Just Sick Of Hearing


single girls

Being single is not at all a big deal, but people around you may find it a big deal. People by nature are always more bothered about others people’s lives than their own. They always have a weird kind of attitude towards those who are single, treating them different from the others. They always wonder to themselves why this person is single. Guys do not bother much about it as they are busy flirting with someone or the other but girls are comparatively more sensitive, especially single girls are tired to face the annoying looks and questions in people’s mind.

  1. Did you have or found someone?

The society we live in is very annoying at times, they believe in interfering in everything we do, they have a problem if girls date and roam before marriage and they even have a problem if she is single for a longer time. The moment the girl turns 20 to 22, they keep asking questions like did you find someone? Shall we find someone for you? What kind of a guy do you want?

  1. You’re pretty why you’re still single?

Especially pretty girls face major problems when they are single, it’s believed that pretty girls always have a guy and if they do not have, people make a whole big scene out of it. They purposely will approach you asking why you are single when you’re so pretty.


  1. By your age I was married

If a girl is still single and unmarried by the age of 28 to 30, people out of all the conversations will ultimately land up on this topic of you being single and give their own example saying that by your age they were already married.

  1. Reason why you are still single

People will not forget their so called ‘Panchayat giri’ and try to find out by different means to know the reasons behind you being single, that whether you were in relationship before, what happened to that and so on.

  1. Taunt

Taunting is the birth right of people, who are jealous of you, so they may taunt you saying that “previously she did this so that’s the reason she is not finding anyone.”


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Daisy Pais


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