Are The Shampoos That Promise Healthy Hair Really That Effective?


Are The Shampoos That Promise Healthy Hair Really That Effective?


Firstly, we all know what a shampoo is – a hair product which is used to clean our hair.

The very common ingredients of preparing a shampoo are water, surfactant- to balance the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and solid in this case between the shampoo and water, Sodium dodecyl sulfate- used for thickening and creating lather, sodium laureth sulfate- a foam creating agent, Cocamidopropyl betaine is a yellow solution used for again creating lather and acting as a surfactant but the good point of this solution is that it is obtained from coconut oil which a nature’s product and hence has no bad effects on humans, the next comes Methylchloroisothiazolinone well as the size of the name suggests it is something that has a bigger meaning it is preservative that prevents shampoos from bacteria, yeast and fungi; Ammonium Chloride- this is an inorganic compound which is soluble in water and helps in giving a taste to the shampoo, along with all these ingredients there are a lot of things without the help of which the manufacturing of a shampoo would be next to impossible.

Well you must be thinking why I’m I giving you the shampoo manufacturing knowledge? I definitely do not want you to make it but the reason why I shared this important information is because I wanted to highlight the fact that not all promises made by our favorite celebrities in the advertisement are true. The advertisement is made by the ad company and not by the shampoo manufacturers and the main aim of the ad company is to make the advertisement creative to the extent which will attract more and more customers to the product. To make the ad creative they make use of taglines, and words which catch one’s attention.

They make the ad in such a way that people atleast think of trying the product for once. Coming back to the idea of sharing the information of ingredients used in shampoo manufacturing so that we all come to know the purpose of using these ingredients they are mainly for creating foam and lather and not for smoothening our hair or scalp.

Thus before getting carried or getting “influenced” by any advertisement one should always think wisely!!

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Afifa Qureshi


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