6 Types Of Girls We Encounter In Our Lifetime



May be our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.

–         Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & the city.

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We are all surrounded by women wherever we go,from our house to our class to our work place. You are going to encounter this lovely species some or the other place. The best place about them is they are hard to miss. May be because they possess such kickass qualities which are hard to beat by the species called “MEN”

So here I am back with this post to tell you 6 type of a women whom you are going to encounter once in your lifetime. They are magic and bring sparkle everywhere they go.

  1. The Laughing Lady

Her laugh can make others laugh. It’s called as thunderous laugh which is going to attract many eyeballs but believe me she laughs from her heart. The laugh that bubbles over her lips and travels towards those around her. The laugh that fills the room or the laugh that separates a crowd. The laugh that boys die to be the source of. She is the girl who is HAPPY.


  1. Eye Lady

She has blue eyes or big eyes or the squinty eyes. She is the girl with the eyes that people will fall in love with. She actually talks with her eyes. She possesses those eyes to which boys will spill their secrets to. The girl with those eyes whose eyes bare her soul.

eye lady

  1. The Ultimate Diva In Her Own Way

She is perfect in every way, because it is perfect to her. She is the girl who loves the way her denims fit her, who loves her curves, or love her thigh gap. The girl who wears clothes that fit her flawlessly, even if they don’t fit the society standards. She is the girl who knows how to look good on her and knows how to love what’s in the mirror.

ultimate diva



  1. Brains Over Beauty

She is the girl who knows what she is talking about. Gossiping is not what she understands. She is the one who falls in love with one sentence in a whole book and writes in down in her pretty cursive writing. She is the girl who loves one thing with her whole heart, and knows too much about it. She is the one who doesn’t minds admitting that she is doesn’t know something, and can admit it. He is the girl who wants to learn more about everything. Her quench for learning is unending.

 beauty brain

  1. The Girl with the Grace.

She is a girl who has grace to admit her mistakes, to love her inspite of her mistakes and to love people genuinely she is the girl who stands up when she falls. She is the girl who knows her worth and presents herself accordingly, the girl with confidence that everyone loves to love.

 grace women

  1. The Girl With The Soul

She is the girl with the soul that loves so deeply. The girl that travels to a beautiful place just to see the colors of the world comes alive, or the girl that curls up in a bed with a human being that means the world to her. The girl who never ends, the girl whose desire to meet perfect people never ends, the girl who never ends her desire to love. The girl who is beyond her laugh, her eyes, her body, her brains. The girl everyone wants to know more of, who everyone wants to sit in a train station with while she speaks of her life. She is the girl who is more than what she appears to be.

soul lady




Freny Mukesh Sachde

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