Does Banning Fashion Shows And Late Night Parties Really Save Our Indian Culture?


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Western culture or Westernization is considered as an evil or a devil that is killing Indian culture? But is it really the truth? Have we looked into the positive of western culture? It is due to western culture or the westerners that we have things that we proudly say that is ours. The trains, posts, BEST services are all not because of us; it is because of the British who ruled us for 300 years. They gave us trade and commerce. Agreed they ruled us and robbed us too…but we can’t deny it is the culture of west for what we are today in most spheres of life. We can’t deny that Industrialization started and came to India because the west came to India and the same is with the Communication and trade. Public health was initiated because the doctors from the west. The Educational Institutions that we are boasting about today is also given by the westerners. It is because of the western culture we are developing and are youth are largely impacted by western culture though both in the right and the wrong path.

So banning fashion shows and late night parties you think will save our culture? Agreed even fashion shows and late night parties is all culture of the west which is imbibed by us and is largely affecting the youth of the country. We say our Indian culture is great and it is many ways but is it really put into practice? Does our current scenario prove Indian culture great? We worship women as Goddess as per our culture and on the other side Indian is No 1 country in all the crimes and evils done to women? So where does the culture go?

Our culture says women’s respect is her major treasure then why do we put her into shame by raping her? Why do we tear her of her respect with our own hands where is our culture then? We say our Women are getting spoilt by the fashion shows as the clothes are short and they wear the same clothes and roam out which is a shame to our culture. Is it then why rape a woman with Indian attire? She doesn’t arouse anybody then why?

Late night parties is spoiling our culture and the reason to is as per our culture shouldn’t stay out late in the nights it shows her in bad light and it is dangerous. Why so much of difference between a girl and a boy in our culture? Both are humans then why no equal treatment? If we say that girls expose them too much in the night and the fault is theirs for things that happen with them then somewhere it is the cruel and corrupt mind of the person doing evil things to her. Isn’t it?

Banning anything wont’ save pour culture, if anything can save our culture than our attitude and our way of looking at things. If you think right nothing is bad, but if your thinking itself is corrupt then banning anything won’t save our culture. Do think?

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