Cinema and glamour


People from the cinema and glamour industry have been ruling the roost for many years now. It’s the spark or the media frenzy which surrounds them; I guess which makes them look so attractive.

The advertisement, brands, endorsements, publicity, high profile holidays, etc which catches everyone’s eye and the public is unfazed by their personal lives. Their link-up’s, relationship status, marriage, break-ups do catch everyone’s eye but their shallow empty lives fancy no one.

People follow those who are at the epitome of their career delivering one hit after another. Popularity is a game which every celeb looses one day. There’s a simple Hindi saying, ‘jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai’.

Even after enjoying the fan following of millions and tremendous popularity these people have lonely lives. Being a celebrity comes with a big price tag. Though initially everyone enjoys the attention with time it becomes an irritation and if adequate attention is not given to celebs they get frustrated as they are used to be the centre of attention. They have no privacy as public speculates about their lives day and night.

After the release of movies like ‘Fashion’, ‘Heroine’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’ their life has become even more transparent.  However I believe it’s the chamak dhamak which seems to attract young and beautiful people to join the industry.

Initially its they who don’t mind making compromises, having no privacy, enjoying all the media glare and public attention however unknowingly their personal space and life no longer exists. In keeping up with work pressure, expectations and public demands they kill their personal lives and relation for which they have to pay dearly later.

These people looking gorgeous and beautiful onscreen and smiling at award functions lead lonely lives. At such a position they taste extreme success and thus are so vulnerable that they barely can trust anyone. They barely have friends and don’t spend enough time with their family due to their nature of work.

Their insecurities and competition with contemporaries leaves them no space for relations. Sadly they rarely have blossoming love life’s either. Many linkups and breakups are often spread across the front page of newspapers but hardly any materialise in lifetime bonds.

The lives of Madhubala and Parveen Babi clearly indicate the dark and cruel side of cinema and glamour. Both these actresses were very beautiful and marvellous in their craft but led sad and lonely lives. They were very famous and had many admirers but their personal life was a tragedy.

This is not limited to only the movie industry as it is more about human nature. We always want to be associated with people who are successful, rich and famous. When the tides are high everyone wants to ride them but the moment they hit the shore people dessert them.

Everything has a price tag it’s just that actors and actresses have to pay extra for being stars. So much for fame!

–         Anjani M Nautiyal



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  1. Amey k 6 years ago

    shallow & empty lives, well described..

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