Impact Of Indian Cinema On Today’s Youth


Indian Cinema


Indian Cinema from no sound, no story, no narrative and only just moving images on screen has changed to solid story, mesmerizing music and lots of VFX and action. Cinema, can’t be defined nor can have an appropriate meaning, but a general meaning could truly be ENTERTAINMENT!ENTERTAINMENT!ENTERTAINMENT!. Today, most of the Indian cinema are targeted to youth audience- the teenager, college goers, freshers, party animals because the development of mindset of youth- due to their spending pattern and attitude. The youth’s best pastime would be movies and also the movies today are released keeping in mind the demand of youth their preferences.

The youth of this century gets affected and impacted by cinema, in both positive and negative manner. The positive impact could be the education and knowledge that they get for instance movies like Madras Cafe` was commercially successful and at the same time educated the audience with the happenings of Rajiv Gandhi assassination and also recently Mardaani too showed up the same trend on human trafficking. India cinema, today also impacts in showing the audience about the depiction of society through their films like taking on issues like human trafficking, corruption, abuse, rapes among many. Cinema also impact in changing the opinions and mindset of people, for instance, the short film made by Anurag Kashyap that depicted out the women who changed the view of their people around and began a revolution that encouraged many women to learn martial arts and fight for their right.

Indian Cinema youth

The cinema has positive but also the negative and deteriorating impact on the youth. For eg: The obscene scene in movies like kissing, abuse, domestic violence is putting and creating an image in minds of people who are regular to these activities that, Yes, these activities are right and moral. The impact that youngsters have are the obscure fashion sense.I’m not against a women wearing a one-piece or a mini skirt, but the obscure fashion sense that some celebrity have, following it in reel and real world has lots of difference. Recently, it almost 40% to 50% movies the protagonist trying his luck to earn money through crook ways, this pays an impression that the protagonist is dissatisfied with his life and his surrounding, which truly affects the people and the society. Defaming certain sections of society through their movies, like obese people( on their body shape and the bad effects of it, which hurts their sentiments), women ( a housewife getting abuse and bad behavior from her husband and in-laws), children (the child labor, injustice or abuse on children shown in movies, the violence a protagonist has from his childhood), kin and money, that would hurt their emotions and demotivate them too.

Personally, I being an avid fan and admirer of bollywood movies feel that our movies effect a person the way the person want him to effect, if a person sees the positive side of an act a hero or a heroine does, yes truly it would effect him good and would be the character of Bunny in YJHD could be taken as a very positive and inspiring character, the way he encouraged Naina, but many could take it negative by seeing the flirtatious side of Bunny and adopting it. So truly the impact of movies depend on the person watching the movie, but yes some times many movies bring the bad light on audience. It always depends on the attitude and behavior of the audience.

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