Sales and Distribution Management – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

SN Modules   No. of Lectures
 1  Introduction  15
 2  Market Analysis and Selling  15
 3  Distribution Channel Management  15
 4  Performance Evaluation, Ethics and Trends  15
 Total  60

Sales and Distribution Management – Syllabus Overview

SN Modules/ Units
 1  Introduction
a) Sales Management:


• Meaning, Role of Sales Department, Evolution of Sales Management
• Interface of Sales with Other Management Functions
• Qualities of a Sales Manager
• Sales Management: Meaning, Developments in Sales ManagementEffectiveness to Efficiency, Multidisciplinary Approach, Internal Marketing, Increased Use of Internet, CRM, Professionalism in Selling.
• Structure of Sales Organization – Functional, Product Based, Market Based, Territory Based, Combination or Hybrid Structure

b) Distribution Management:

• Meaning, Importance, Role of Distribution, Role of Intermediaries, Evolution of Distribution Channels.

c) Integration of Marketing, Sales and Distribution

 2  Market Analysis and Selling
a) Market Analysis:

• Market Analysis and Sales Forecasting, Methods of Sales Forecasting
• Types of Sales Quotas – Value Quota, Volume Quota, Activity Quota, Combination Quota
• Factors Determining Fixation of Sales Quota
• Assigning Territories to Salespeople

b) Selling:

• Process of Selling, Methods of Closing a Sale, Reasons for Unsuccessful Closing
• Theories of Selling – Stimulus Response Theory, Product Orientation Theory, Need Satisfaction Theory
• Selling Skills – Communication Skill, Listening Skill, Trust Building Skill, Negotiation Skill, Problem Solving Skill, Conflict Management Skill
• Selling Strategies – Softsell Vs. Hardsell Strategy, Client Centered Strategy, Product-Price Strategy, Win-Win Strategy, Negotiation Strategy
• Difference Between Consumer Selling and Organizational Selling
• Difference Between National Selling and International Selling

 3  Distribution Channel Management
• Management of Distribution Channel – Meaning & Need
• Channel Partners- Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers & their Functions in Distribution Channel, Difference Between a Distributor and a Wholesaler
• Choice of Distribution System – Intensive, Selective, Exclusive
• Factors Affecting Distribution Strategy – Locational Demand, Product Characteristics, Pricing Policy, Speed or Efficiency, Distribution Cost
• Factors Affecting Effective Management Of Distribution Channels

# Channel Design
# Channel Policy
# Channel Conflicts: Meaning, Types – Vertical, Horizontal, Multichannel, Reasons for Channel Conflict
# Resolution of Conflicts: Methods – Kenneth Thomas’s Five Styles of Conflict Resolution
# Motivating Channel Members
# Selecting Channel Partners
# Evaluating Channels
# Channel Control

 4  Performance Evaluation, Ethics and Trends
a) Evaluation & Control of Sales Performance:

• Sales Performance – Meaning
• Methods of Supervision and Control of Sales Force
• Sales Performance Evaluation Criteria- Key Result Areas (KRAs)
• Sales Performance Review
• Sales Management Audit

b) Measuring Distribution Channel Performance:

• Evaluating Channels- Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity
• Control of Channel – Instruments of Control – Contract or Agreement, Budgets and Reports, Distribution Audit

c) Ethics in Sales Management

d) New Trends in Sales and Distribution Management

Reference Books for Subject: Sales and Distribution Management

Sales and Distribution Management : ~ 
1. A. Nag, Sales And Distribution Management, Mcgraw Hill, 2013 Edition
2. Richard R. Still, Edward W. Cundiff, Norman A.P. Govoni, Sales Management, Pearson Education, 5th Edition
3. Krishna K. Havaldar, Vasant M. Cavale, Sales And Distribution Management – Text & Cases,Mcgraw Hill Education, 2nd Edition, 2011
4. Dr.Matin Khan, Sakes And Distribution Management, Excel Books, 1st Edition
5. Kotler & Armstrong, Principles Of Marketing – South Asian Perspective, Pearson Education, 13th Edition
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