HRM in Global Perspective – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

SN Modules No. of Lectures
 1  International HRM – An Overview  15
 2  Global HRM Functions  15
 3  Managing Expatriation and Repatriation  15
 4  International HRM Trends and Challenges  15
 Total  60

HRM in Global Perspective – Syllabus Overview

SN Modules/ Units
 1  International HRM – An Overview
a) International HRM – An Overview:


• International HRM- Meaning and Features, Objectives, Evolution of IHRM, Reasons for Emergency of IHRM, Significance of IHRM in International Business, Scope/Functions
• Difference between International HRM and Domestic HRM
• Approaches to IHRM- Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Geocentric and Regiocentric
• Limitations to IHRM
• Qualities of Global Managers
• Organizational Dynamics and IHRM
• Components of IHRM- Cross Cultural Management and Comparative HRM
• Cross Cultural Management- Meaning, Features, Convergence of Cultures, Role of IHRM in Cross Culture Management, Problems of Cross Cultural Issues in Organizations, Importance of Cultural Sensitivity to International Managers
• Comparative HRM- Meaning, Importance, Difference between IHRM and Comparative HRM
• Managing Diversity in Workforce
• Dealing with Cultural Shock

 2  Global HRM Functions
a) Global HRM Functions:

• International Recruitment and Selection- Meaning- Sources of International Labour Market, Global Staffing, Selection Criteria, Managing Global Diverse Workforce
• International Compensation – Meaning, Objectives, Components of International Compensation Program, Approaches to International Compensation
• HRM Perspectives in Training and Development – Meaning, Advantages, Cross Cultural Training, Issues in Cross Cultural Training
• International Performance Management – Meaning, Factors Influencing Performance, Criterion used for Performance Appraisal of International Employees, Problems Faced in International Performance Management
• Motivation and Reward System- Meaning, Benchmarking Global Practices
• International Industrial Relations – Meaning, Key Issues in International Industrial Relations, Trade Union and International IR

 3  Managing Expatriation and Repatriation
a) Managing Expatriation and Repatriation

• Concepts of PCNs (Parent-Country Nationals), TCNs(Third-Country Nationals) and HCNs(Host-Country Nationals)
• Expatriation- Meaning, Reasons for Expatriation, Factors in Selection of Expatriates, Advantages of Using Expatriates, Limitations of using Expatriates, Role of Family, the Role of Non-expatriates, Reasons for Expatriate Failure, Women and Expatriation, Requirements/Characteristics of Effective Expatriate Managers
• Repatriation- Meaning, Repatriation Process, Factors affecting Repatriation Process, Role of Repatriate, Challenges faced by Repatriates

 4  International HRM Trends and Challenges
a) International HRM Trends and Challenges:

• Emerging Trends in IHRM
• Off Shoring – Meaning, Importance, Off Shoring and HRM in India
• International Business Ethics and IHRM – Meaning of Business Ethics, Global Values, International Corporate Code of Conduct, Criminalization of Bribery, Operationalizing Corporate Ethics of HR in Overall Corporate Ethics Programme
• Managing International Projects and Teams- Meaning, How Projects are Managed across the World and Challenges in Managing International Projects across the World
• HR in MNCs – Industrial Relations in MNCs
• Role of Technology on IHRM
• IHRM and Virtual Organization- Meaning and Features of Virtual Organization, Difference between Virtual Organization and Traditional Organization, Managing HR in Virtual Organization
• Growth in Strategic Alliances and Cross Border Mergers and AcquisitionsImpact on IHRM
• Knowledge Management and IHRM

Reference books for subject: HRM in Global Perspective

HRM in Global Perspective : ~ 
1. Peter J. Dowling, Marion Festing, Allen d. Engle Sr: International Human Resource Management, 5th Edition, Cengage Learning
2. P. L. Rao: International Human Resource Management, Text and Cases, Excel Books
3. Peer J. Dowling, Denice E. Welch and Randall S. Schuler (1999): International Human Resource Management, Managing People in a Multinational Context’, South Western College Publishing.
4. Chris Brewster, Paul Sparrow and Guy Vernon, International Human Resource Management, The Universities Press
5. A.V.Phatak: International Dimensions of Management, Cincinnati, South Western College
6. Peter J. Dowling, Marion Festing, Allen D. Engle, International Human Resource Management, Thomson Learning.
7. Dennis R. Briscoe, Randall S. Schuler, International Human Resource Management: Policy and Practice for the Global Enterprise, Psychology Press
8. S C. Gupta: International Human Resource Management- Text and Cases, MacMillan Publishers


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