Human Resource Planning and Information System – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016


Human Resource Planning and Information System – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

SN Modules No. of Lectures
 1  Overview of Human Resource Planning (HRP)  15
 2  Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection  15
 3  HRP Practitioner, Aspects of HRP and Evaluation  15
 4  Human Resource Information Systems  15
 Total  60

 Human Resource Planning and Information System – Syllabus Overview

SN Modules/ Units
 1  Overview of Human Resource Planning (HRP)
a) Overview of Human Resource Planning (HRP):

• Human Resource Planning–Meaning, Features, Scope, Approaches, Levels of HRP, Types, Tools, Activities for HRP, Requirements for Effective HR Planning.
• Process of HRP- Steps in HRP, HR Demand Forecasting–Factors, Techniques – (Concepts Only) Managerial Judgement, Ratio Trend Analysis, Regression Analysis, Work Study Technique, Delphi Technique. HR Supply Forecasting– Factors, Techniques – (Concepts Only) Skills Inventories, Succession Plans, Replacement Charts, Staffing Tables.
• Barriers in Effective Implementation of HRP and Ways to Overcome Them.
• Strategic Human Resource Planning – Meaning and Objectives.
• Link between Strategic Planning and HRP through People, Finance and Technology.
• HR Policy – Meaning, Importance.
• HR Programme- Meaning and Contents

 2  Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection
a) Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection:

• Job Analysis- Meaning, Features, Advantages.
• Job Design: Concept, Issues.
• Job Redesign – Meaning, Process, Benefits.
• Matching Human Resource Requirement and Availability through: RetentionMeaning, Strategies, Resourcing- Meaning, Types. Flexibility – Flexible work practices, Downsizing- Meaning, Reasons, Layoff – Meaning, Reasons.
• Recruitment – Meaning and Factors affecting Recruitment, Ethical Issues in Recruitment and Selection.
• Employee Selection Tests: Meaning, Advantages and Limitations.
• Human Resource Audit: Meaning, Need, Objectives, Process, Areas.

 3  HRP Practitioner, Aspects of HRP and Evaluation
a) HRP Practitioner, Aspects of HRP and Evaluation:

• HRP Practitioner: Meaning, Role.
• HRP Management Process:

# Establish HRP Department Goals and Objectives
# Creating HRP Department Structure
# Staffing the HRP Department
# Issuing Orders
# Resolving Conflicts
# Communicating
# Planning for Needed Resources
# Dealing with Power and Politics -Meaning and Types of Power

• HRP as Tool to Enhance Organisational Productivity
• Impact of Globalisation on HRP.
• Aspects of HRP : Performance Management, Career Management, Management Training and Development, Multi Skill Development
• Return on Investment in HRP- Meaning and Importance.
• HRP Evaluation- Meaning, Need, Process, Issues to be considered during HRP Evaluation.
• Selected Strategic Options and HRP Implications: Restructuring and its Impact on HRP, Mergers and Acquisitions and its Impact on HRP, Outsourcing and its Impact on HRP.

 4  Human Resource Information Systems
• Human Resource Information Systems:
• Data Information Needs for HR Manager – Contents and Usage of Data.
• HRIS-Meaning, Features, Evolution, Objectives, Essentials, Components, Functions, Steps in designing of HRIS, HRIS Subsystems, Mechanisms of HRIS, Benefits, Limitations, Barriers in Effective Implementation of HRIS.
• Security Issues in Human Resource Information Systems.
• HRIS for HRP
• Trends in HRI

Reference books for subject: Human Resource Planning and Information System

Human Resource Planning and Information System : ~ 
1. Bhattacharya D.K, Human Resource Planning, Excel Books.
2. John Bramham, Human Resource Planning, University Press.
3. Michael Armstrong, A Handbook Of Human Resource Management Practice, Kogan Page.
4. William J.Rothwell & H.C. Kazanaas, Planning & Managing Human Resources, Jaico Publishing House .
5. Arun Sekhri, Human Resource Planning And Audit, Himalaya Publishing House.
6. Michael J. Kavanag, Human Resource Information Systems Basics, Applications and Future Directions, Sage Publication.


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