E-Commerce and Digital Marketing – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016


E-Commerce and Digital Marketing – Revised TYBMS Syllabus 2016

Modules at a Glance

SN Modules No. of Lectures
 1  Introduction to E-commerce  15
 2  E-Business & Applications  15
 3  Payment, Security, Privacy &Legal Issues in E-Commerce  15
 4  Digital Marketing  15
 Total  60

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing – Syllabus Overview

SN Modules/ Units
 1  Introduction to E-commerce
• Ecommerce- Meaning, Features of E-commerce, Categories of E-commerce, Advantages &Limitations of E-Commerce, Traditional Commerce &E-Commerce
• Ecommerce Environmental Factors: Economic, Technological, Legal , Cultural & Social
• Factors Responsible for Growth of E-Commerce, Issues in Implementing ECommerce, Myths of E-Commerce
• Impact of E-Commerce on Business, Ecommerce in India
• Trends in E-Commerce in Various Sectors: Retail, Banking, Tourism, Government, Education
• Meaning of M-Commerce, Benefits of M-Commerce, Trends in M-Commerce
 2  E-Business & Applications
• E-Business: Meaning, Launching an E-Business, Different phases of Launching an EBusiness
• Important Concepts in E-Business: Data Warehouse, Customer Relationship Management , Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning
• Bricks and Clicks business models in E-Business: Brick and Mortar, Pure Online, Bricks and Clicks, Advantages of Bricks & Clicks Business Model, Superiority of Bricks and Clicks E-Business Applications: E-Procurement, E-Communication, EDelivery, E-Auction, E-Trading.
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in E-Business: Meaning of EDI, Benefits of EDI,Drawbacks of EDI, Applications of EDI.
• Website : Design and Development of Website, Advantages of Website, Principles of Web Design, Life Cycle Approach for Building a Website, Different Ways of Building a Website
 3  Payment, Security, Privacy &Legal Issues in E-Commerce
• Issues Relating to Privacy and Security in E-Business
• Electronic Payment Systems: Features, Different Payment Systems :Debit Card, Credit Card ,Smart Card, E-cash, E-Cheque, E-wallet, Electronic Fund Transfer.
• Payment Gateway: Introduction, Payment Gateway Process, Payment GatewayTypes, Advantages and Disadvantages of Payment Gateway.
• Types of Transaction Security
• E-Commerce Laws: Need for E-Commerce laws, E-Commerce laws in India, Legal Issues in E-commerce in India, IT Act 2000
 4  Digital Marketing
• Introduction to Digital Marketing, Advantages and Limitations of Digital Marketing.
• Various Activities of Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing & Content Influencer Marketing, Campaign Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Blog Marketing, Viral Marketing, Podcasts & Vodcasts.
• Digital Marketing on various Social Media platforms.
• Online Advertisement, Online Marketing Research, Online PR
• Web Analytics
• Promoting Web Traffic
• Latest developments and Strategies in Digital Marketing.

Reference Books for Subject: E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing : ~
1. D Nidhi ,E-Commerce Concepts and Applications, ,Edn 2011, International Book house P.ltd
2. Bajaj Kamlesh K,E-Commerce- The cutting edge of Business
3. Whiteley David, E-Commerce Technologies and Apllications-2013
4. E-Business & E-Commerce Management 3rd Ed, Pearson Education
5. Kalokota & Robinson,E-Business 2.0 Road map for Success, Pearson Education
6. Elias M. Awad ,Electronic Commerce, 3rd Edition, Pearson Education
7. Erfan Turban et.al ,Electronic Commerce – A Managerial Perspective, Pearson Education
8. R. Kalokota, Andrew V. Winston, Electronic Commerce – A Manger’s Guide, Pearson Education
9. Tripathi, E-Commerce, Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai, Edn. 2010.


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