Professor where is my project ???


So do you guys still have that Awesome project that you made for your FYBMS ???

Do have that casestudy that you made in SYBMS ??

NO…why should I ?

That would be the answer to many students out there. In fact even if you ask the professors they would say the same since they do even care to read the content(yes,thats why u get away with a Wikipedia copy paste).And why would Professors/students take it seriously the projects made by are just a bunch of PPT’s and word files filled with crap to just get those internal marks.

Why do we students Do that u may ask..??

Logical hai boss ..if u gonna just sit there and look at my presentation without any questions.Hell My presentation is actually giving you the current scenario of the topic.And if i get marks on it and i am cleared Do hell with the rest of the world.


Good you ask……So how many BMS students here have uploaded their projects on those knowledge sharing sites and got those projects read and mass distributed…i say a very few of you..what about the others..hell is it even your right audience ?.NO


So i would like to share a concept where the colleges create a digital Library’s which store all the projects done by the users managed by a committee with a combination of equal student teacher representations..this is then taken to a site online where files from all the libraries is open to public and at the end of sem the project that has more views/interactions gets a academic benefit in terms of marks

Objectives of The Project

  1. Creates a Student Teacher community
  2. Knowledge sharing to people whom it matters the most
  3. Archiving the work done by the students of the college
  4. Recognition of the good work
  5. another reason to make projects rather than just for the heck of marks
  6. Reference purposes :- helps Freshers understand how to make projects
  7. Value to Student projects

This is just and idea full blown possibilities of the idea have not been looked upon..Always welcome for Feedback….

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