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Hello TYBMS Students. Advertisement We’ve covered whole topic of Public Relations and Corporate Communications in an in-depth way through articles mentioned below. Do go through it and make the best of your understanding for the subject. We’re committed to help you. If you have any doubts just leave a...

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Theories Used in Public Relations

Theories Used in Public Relations Introduction:- Theories explain how to make public relations more effective for organization and society. Theories provide an understanding of the relationship between actions and events. PR practitioners consider several theories when they make decisions about how they can build a successful relationship with their...

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Public Relations Environment

Public Relations Environment Introduction:- The functions and decision of public relations (PR) are influenced by internal and external environment. The internal environment is generated within the organization which influences in the decision making of PR. They are controllable factors and comprise of personnel, infrastructure facilities, organization facilities etc. The...

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Sample prelim paper for Corporate Communication and Public Relations TYBMS Sem 6- April 2017

CCPR Answer all questions. Each question carries 15 marks. Attempt any 2sub questions from Q 1-4. Q 1. A. What is the relevance of corporate communication in the contemporary scenario? Q 1. B. What is corporate reputation and how to build a good corporate reputation? Q 1 c elaborate...

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Corporate Communications and PR Subject Important Questions Bank for TYBMS SEM 6 April Exam Paper 2017

Corporate communication and PR Unit 1 What is the scope of corporate communication Elaborate the relevance of corporate communication in India What are the benefits of corporate identity What are the essential of corporate reputation What are the factors affecting corporate identity Elaborate on the professional code of ethics...

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