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I suppose you guys must be aware of the usage of the correct vocabulary in situations and that can really lead you to a MESS or a grand SUCCESS as well. .

There is great delight in the word “AND” and if you don’t know the magic for the same.

Then let me take you to the awesomeness of the word ‘AND’, The huge dilemma that many students faces is “when to use what” “but” here’s a so very simple advice to help you on the road to towards a conversational diva or a discussion rockstar.

Try saying ‘AND’ instead of ‘BUT’ and you yourself would get to know the magic of it!!

Just implement the same in your real-time day to day life and experience the uniqueness and difference.

For instance your supervisor has given you the task, he approaches you regarding the acknowledgement of the same task andwhen he asks whether you had completed the said task and if you say “I’m on that only, But I had completed only 5 pages” (It sounds as if you are a scallywag[good-for-nothing]) and if you would have answered that “I’m on that only and I had completed 5 pages”.

It really makes sense. ‘AND’ is the sensible, logical alternative for BUT !!!

Let me give you another example when you go to buy yours favourite magazine and request whether it is available or not and the shopkeeper replies Yes, I do have it, ‘but’ (negation) only two are left. It gives the buyer a negative wave.

And on the second hand if he had answered that Yes, I do have it, ‘and’ (positive) only two are left.
The second reply really makes sense isn’t it?

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