Tactics to Excel: 15 Words & 7 Phrases for Every Professional Indian Graduate


Your first interview probably didn’t go well because of being a fresher in the industry. Knowledge, sitting for lectures, extra-curricular activities and internships may be enough in some cases to receive the appointment letter. But, in some cases a fresher is just a fresher, no matter what!



Let’s consider you have got the job offer. Imagine yourself being selected in the world of professionals and being alienated for not speaking the professional’s language. Imagine your boss asking you to give a presentation in the next thirty minutes. You are acquainted to the business and you’ve gathered a decent knowledge, you know very well about the model that you are supposed to present. Now, imagine speaking the following sixteen words on the right hand side (emboldened words) instead of the words on the left hand side, in your presentation.


  1. Get – Receive
  2. Get it back – Revoke
  3. Small – Niche
  4. Not Good – Naïve
  5. Awesome – Spectacular
  6. Doubtful – Sceptical
  7. Too strong – Competent
  8. Give Money – Incentive
  9. Things to consider – Parameters
  10. Problems – Repercussions
  11. Smooth – Seamless
  12. Use – Utilization
  13. Check – Scrutinize
  14. Difficult – Critical
  15. Good work – Efficient    


Save these words in your notepad if you use a laptop very frequently otherwise save them in notes of your phone.


Your presentation with such a wide array of vocabulary is going to turn everyone’s head. After that presentation, you are free to imagine being considered as the communication master. But do think about the other way round as well. What if you didn’t use the above words and the phrases below? Aren’t you afraid to be the same old Mr. Invisible?

The Austrian-British philosopher, Mr. Ludwig Wittgenstein born in the 19th Century quoted, “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”.  Let’s nurture ourselves with such quotes because they are no less than a blessing. If you know your limits, push them hard, save these words and build a vocabulary that will be beneficial to you for the rest of you professional life.

Everyone knows that its marks in your final year, certificates in your file and additional professional work in your life makes you achieve the job that you dreamt of. But getting the job is not the end of story. In fact it’s the start. Survival and excelling in the job is much more important.



Here are the seven phrases you can use. (Right hand side / emboldened words):

  1. Everything Changed – Paradigm Shift
  2. Think differently – Think outside the box
  3. Beneficial for all – Win-win
  4. As soon as you are free – At your earliest convenience
  5. Because – In the light of the fact that
  6. Base building – Ground work
  7. For the client – Client-oriented


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Devansh Thakker
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