Interview with Harish Bhist, Chief Educator, EdDirect Consultancy Services



“Work more than you paid for,

Expect less than you worked for”

It is always good to have philosophy of going extra mile away.

  • Tell us something about yourself

I am B.Com., worked in Film & T.V. for 14 yrs., saw Multi-level Marketing (MLM) opportunity & joined it for part time. After two years, I started working with MLM full time & T.V. in part time. 4th year onwards dedicated myself to this revolutionary industry. I was rewarded 7 international trips and visited more than 10 states and addressed to more than 1 million people. I left that MLM because of my personal challenges and started searching for another MLM. During those days I found that there are lots of MLM opportunities but no system.

That was the day I decided to take it as a mission not to join any MLM and help all MLM/NETWORKER’S to teach and train HOW TO DO MLM/NETWORK MARKETING IN RIGHT WAY? Through my meetings, workshop’s, trainings, VCD’s., DVD’s, MP3’s and get their FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Author of 2 books “Network Marketing mein karodon rupaye kaise kamayein”“Adbhut Business”. Till date we sold more than 35,000 copies in Hindi & Marathi. Right now I do freelance training and motivational speeches for direct selling industry.


  • Tell us something about your company

My firm EdDirect Consultancy Services is a home operated business. Most of my tasks, I do on net or on phone. We do Consultancy to Multi-Level Marketing Companies or Team Leaders. We also do workshops and training sessions for them.


  • According to you, what is management all about?

According to me, management is nothing but trying to control people working under you. I believe in Leadership than management. E.g. Manager order, “Do it!”, Leader says,” Let’s do it.”


  • Your views on Corporate World?

Sorry, I am not the right person to answer this question because I worked only 4 & 1/2 months for a corporate named “PLUS CHANNEL” and for a daily soap called “SWABHIMAN”. Still according to my experience in corporate world, people work less & discuss more. (I am not denying the importance of planning).


  • What is your philosophy towards work?

“Work more than you paid for,

Expect less than you worked for”

It is always good to have philosophy of going extra mile away.


  • Tell us about the most fun you have had on the job?

Friends, I always had fun while doing job because I always worked what I loved to , initially it was Film & T.V., then Network Marketing and now in Freelance Motivational Trainer.

As AAMIR KHAN says in film Three Idiots Do what you love to do, not because you have to


  • “Earning more and more” is the motive behind doing BMS? Is it justifiable?

About it I can only name a book by Robert Kiyosaki,” If you want to be Rich, Don’t go to school”

Here I am not saying that Academic education is not important. But I like to inform all my friends that by taking academic education and doing BMS will not teach you how to make money? This will teach you to become bigger servant.

If you want to make money then you will have to take Financial Education, which is not available in any college. Just think over it, if some Professor at BMS can teach you how to manage Business and make money then why the hell he is working for few thousand bucks?

Friends, your education can take you up to the door of interview, at the most it will help you to turn the handle of the door but once you enter the room your working skills and your attitude is what counts to get job.


  • Is the Name of the Institute from where a student does his/her BMS important while entering into corporate world?

For me personally, Name of any institute doesn’t count.


  • What message would you like to give to the students aspiring to work at management level?

Only one message I can give all my friends is always have a Positive Attitude. Be a good Leader instead of being a manager. Always focus on Growth part and delegate management to your subordinate. This is something like Two Tier Management.


  • If you are hiring a person for a job, what would you look for?

Frankly I will look for their Basic education, communication skills, soft skills, Attitude, Learning desire, ability to bounce back etc.


As much I could see in few seconds, it’s a very progressive and positive approach but it should focus more on teaching about soft skill, attitude, ethics, Integrity, consistency and persistency  in their work.

At last I am honored that you choose me for this task. In future any kind of responsibility given to me I promise to fulfill at my level best.


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