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journey of writer

It’s little tough to write my journey and experience in this internship with but I can try! 🙂

Before I start my own journey I recall my connection with i.e. before all the internship thing started. After my 12th exams I was the keen studious girl who spend her each day in thinking what to do now? Which field to choose and what course? I somewhere knew I am going to opt for BMS and kept on surfing all stuffs about it. The maximum answers google used to give me about BMS was from this particular site which made me a regular visitor of I used to find some amazing articles everyday updated on the homepage which was also why I used to visit the site daily except my queries about the BMS course.

Reading was always my second half and something I always felt happy to do. Indulging with the words and sentence framing – it all seemed like an art, a meditation, an act of happiness for me. Yes I used to write some piece on my personal diaries but I never knew I would be able to write so many articles for this site and I would be a part of it, contribute my hand to the site whose articles were a part of my vacations.

Although I am a budding writer or may be less than that – I knew I can write. And the very first platform I encountered to polish my talent was -when I read about the internship’s “challenge accepted” article and also when my college informed me about the same. I accepted the challenge and applied for the same. I remember how nervous I was when I was attaching my written article along with my CV. I was only thinking – will they really like me?

The call came in some minutes after my email. Really fast I felt. It was the content manager of – Miss. Ami Pandya. Somewhere I knew that I am selected but the confirmation was needed. But besides this what I deeply wanted to know is how my article was? And she said – “you write pretty good”. I still remember the words since I have till date read all amazing articles Of Ami, what excellent writer she is and everything about her on the site. And receiving such a compliment from her was a “yuhhu” moment. She said we are boarding you on with our site and all the formalities thing. I blew a sight at what just happened. Quickly realizing the first thing that came to my mind was – I won’t be going on the 9th cloud and dancing because I didn’t wanted to feel extreme proud of myself. I wanted to stick to the ground and get ready for my internship.

The internship started with all the excitements and pleasures of reading, writing, checking mails, mailing, meetings, weekly targets and all things that only boosted up my excitement and love for writing. We were a team with many interns and deep inside I used to be little nervous, actually a lot nervous always about – how am I writing. The feedbacks and suggestions from our manager always ignited me and helped me improve my writing.

What I learnt is managing things -Studies and work. I saw myself turning to a reading worm day by day. Observing things and then the question comes – can this be my next article? As a writer what I want is to make people happy. Spread good messages and teachings. And that they smile or get informed when they read my work.

 Seeing my written stuff getting published was the first time when I jumped and screamed. The journey of writing was started. Indulging and challenging my own writing is what I have been doing since then. I started with writing about youth and social issues. Gradually I also learnt and started writing about fashion, food, travel and trending issues. I started to love my work. Exploring, learning, observing and then writing.

Being and extrovert and art lover I found beauties in everything. My observations skills increased. I started looking at things, people in a different way. Everything emerged as a sentence to me. 😛 it’s funny but this is what just happened. Although this has happened to me before but now I was expressing it in the form of articles which so many people were reading. Which was a small achievement in itself for me.

I learnt a lot about my strength and weaknesses – not only in the writing world but in my real life too. I only used to hear about our General Manager Miss. Parvathy but then I got the chance to work with her too. Parvathy ma’am increased my learning towards writing when she explained and suggested me many more details and my mistakes. I must say the way she praises is really beautiful. And she is a really friendly manager. My friends and family were proud of me by reading my articles. Thanks to all the people who praised and motivated my work always. A big THANK YOU.

The journey is still on and I hope to learn much more about it and keep on raising my standards of challenges.

 Sangita Maity interned with as a Content writer from 9th September 2014 to 13th December 2014.



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