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Being youth and young girls we come across many types of males in our life. It starts from our father, then our brother, friends and end up to our life partner. But experiencing good men is not in everyone’s luck and girls usually start their hunt for an ideal life partner at this age. Which is not at all a bad thing. Here I am to help you with the Real men. And also the men who want to add some more grades to their macho ness. The right ones, the ideal ones.

As history proves no one is perfect but we are not talking about perfection. It’s about those special decent traits which builds real men. The others won’t match up the standards and cannot be nominated in the real men list. What defines real men is the sense of thinking they perceive most importantly. Real men have the right and technical opinion, their judgment won’t support vulgarity or injustice. They respect womanhood. They owe their birth to their respective mothers and never fails to open doors and shed a jacket to their girl friends and lovers. They value their sisters and support them. They drop their girl friends home after a late party.


It seems they have done a specialized course in decency and well-mannered abilities. They know very well how important it is to be polished and gentlemanly in front of a woman. They give up their seat to a woman. They have a list of the things which shouldn’t be spoken in front of a lady and make her insecure. They own a charm from birth and it adds on with age. They know how to impress a girl with simplicity and class. They have the charm to attract everyone with their personality, thoughts and beliefs. They have a different and valuable opinion and are wise. They are raw and real. And this adds the cherished flavor to their personality. They do not follow anyone or have a role model, precisely. They love to be themselves and do not lose their originality. May however they are – calm, boring, irritating, black, fair, short, heighted, interesting, and talkative or anything. They be the way they like and behave the way they feel happy. They know the special one will understand, accept and love him the way he is.


Real men have a good, great sense of humor. It’s well said that – Manners matter, looks are a bonus, but humor is a must! And also well said by Marilyn Monroe “if you can make her laugh, you can make her do anything.”

They know which kind of jokes will be loved by you and are tactful to frame one. Real men – support and protect women. They never raise their aggression on physically less strength people. They have the courage to deal with equity and above to that people. They are not LOSERS who mistreat, abuse or release their power on women. They make their women realize the luckiest girl on earth and try and never hurt her. Her happiness is everything for her and he knows the core meaning of LOYALTY. Loving one and conserving it throughout is the only law they follow from heart. They make their children better humans and educate them. They help their moms and wife in household work at their possibility and find no shame in doing this. They never fail to safeguard and think for his family first. They try to fulfill all relations heartedly.

Real man Value and stand to their PROMISES. They don’t give a word if they can’t do it. They will face all consequences but will stand to their word. They know their words are powerful as his actions. Real men NEVER GOSSIPS. He doesn’t want to attract attention and respect by speaking and spreading the hot news. He is quiet and unresponsive to such issues. Real Men is FOCUSED. They never let anything effect their plan. They have a clear direction and stick to it. May it an extra drink the night, but they make sure to kill the work the next morning. Real Men keeps their HOUSE IN ORDER. You won’t find anything spying around. All things are spike and span arranged to shock you- is this really your cabin? Real men are LEADERS. They not only possess a strong manly voice but their head and heart plays the strings of a leader. They never quit and accept failures and are down to earth always. Pride never carries them up in air. Real men take care of their APPEARANCE. Every time. Well, being in lazy dirty clothes early morning also add a gesture of simplicity. Real men have a CAUSE. They do things which they feel is right, for which they stand. Even if others don’t like it. They will do it.


Real Men are SECURED TO GIVE HER THE LIMELIGHT. They don’t feel offended or jealous of her girl being in the limelight and climbing success. He instead is secured, supportive and ever loving and praising her for her success. Real Men are ROMANTIC. They know how to groove her girl and make her fall hard, every day. They are trustworthy and LOVE HARD. They are serious about their feelings and value it. They love once and hard, and do anything to make her girl happy and feel the best. Real Men CRY. They don’t feel anything bad to shed some tears alone or in front of their extreme loved ones. They are strong from heart. Real Men PROVE. They don’t believe in throwing big words but believe and enjoy to prove it to the world. They don’t think about their haters, they trip over them. Real Men become a FATHER and not a baby’s daddy. They are responsible and drop their every bit to make it happen. Real Men SURPRISES her girl for no reason. Just to get a view of her jaw getting down and eyes popping out, and a big wide smile encasing her face, they do it. 🙂


Real Men are larger than life personalities and bear all this or more than this qualities. You are the luckiest woman if you have one. And if you don’t …all the very best! 🙂 Because Every Woman deserves ONLY a Real Men!!!



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