The Priceless Ship – Relationship


There’s no one who haven’t dreamt of having a beautiful relationship like the ones we see in Movies and Hollywood. Angelina and Brad steals everyone’s attention when they walk together on the red carpet, our perfect and ever loving crazy couples in Bollywood movies make us realize how beautiful and powerful love and relationship is. It is the priceless ship, where we want to spend worth fully our entire life with someone special. Someone who completes you, loves you and care for you. Someone who never fails to prevent your tears and give you all the happiness of the world. This sentences may sound exaggerated but its true. Hence it is priceless and a beautiful relation. Where the other person is so much into you-that he cannot let your happiness fade. He will do all possible things to make you happy and prove his love. It’s a beautiful understanding which has to be swallowed when the other partner doesn’t gives his/her best.

India is destined to enter to the revolution where people are loving. If we consider our past and ancient tradition – which is still crushed and followed and applied to all where the right to choose a life partner was restricted. Our grandparents didn’t see each other before marriage, our parents met once before marriage, and today – this generation cannot even think to proceed this meaningless tradition. Two people need to know, accept and like each other in order to spend the entire life under one roof. We all know this sphere of relationships and how it has struggled and travelled all over the decades.

Breathingly, today the people are changed. Technology and education is changing all. People know that marriage is not the mere machine or law which will allow you to have legal sexual pleasure and accelerate your family generation. Marriage and relationships are far more than that. Relationships let two persons decide well what life they will be having in their coming future. Well there are people for whom it’s an act of some months, because of whom the Brand of relationships are at stake – as I have explained about it in my past article – Love, Dating and dramebazi in our lives –

But we cannot commit a sin  by forgetting the priceless lovers who prove love each day and bring a beautiful meaning to it with the reviewing and present generation. We see people happily married after long years of their relationship and it’s such a cookie feeling to experience such beautiful loving souls. Living for someone else, fulfilling all her wishes and make her feel the luckiest in the world- a person will have no regrets from life when he/she has a real love and a real relationship.

Love has no age and it would be wrong to judge someone on his/her choice. We often feel when our friend has a boyfriend / girlfriend- we judge on terms of looks or other things. We should not. It’s their life, they must have experienced something which made their strings connect and fall in love. Being friends we should only support and try to arrange things when messed up- going beyond that and intervening our friend’s privacy. Doesn’t suits us youngsters. We aren’t gossipers and relationship breakers, right?

People express their love in many forms. Today’s “status” updates are the cheesy trends to mysteries people about one’s love life. While some are least interested in showing the world as it’s so special and dearly things for them that they don’t feel the world worthy enough to share. They like to express it to their partner rather, than drumming it to the world. It’s well said. The more you say less, the more you be mysterious. Hands down in girl’s case. Girl’s always want attention and feel on the ninth cloud- when their partner does a special thing for her in the face of ‘THE WORLD’. It isn’t necessary that there has to be a status for every personal moment. People need to understand this really and safe their privacy and curb their frankness.

This all smallest elements makes a relationship loving and special. It’s important. It’s not important to fall in love on time basis. You may like someone in few meets and fall in love when the other feels the same too. It needs the perfect tuning for the two to carry the ship lovingly and you need to not have a BIG list to select your love. Love is deep and heaven when you know you are happy and would love to spend your life holding this person’s hand. He/she always care for you and fulfill your basics or over to it requirements and is loyal and true, you don’t need to think over anything. With time everything falls on the perfect place through your road.

It’s about those crucial times when you just don’t feel like leaving your partner and being with them through the tough journey becomes your life goal. It’s about doing all silly and crazy things, without thinking of any prime class or standards. True love is silly. Anybody can be passionate. It’s about sleeping under the stars and imagining the future together. It’s about the daily true promises which you both bade each other. Its sometime those traditions to say love you too after every Love you 😛 it’s about laughing over past acts and not caring about the people around. It’s about walking, eating, and loving each other in your own world. You do not care what others say and will do- you know you are with your life and the world is just an ignored bird. It’s when you dance and play on the roads and awe each other with special silly stuffs. Its love. It’s the beautiful priceless relationship.

It’s to fight for each other’s respect and support brutally at every step of life. We do not earn, so the hard wish to gift something expensive stays in heart. But we never fail to imagine our partners in those stiff shining clothes laid out in shops. It’s about wiping those tears and showering intense love to lighten your partner. It’s about embracing the difference and misunderstandings and come out quickly with a sweet result and the best part is this alluring things are not imaginary. It’s so damn true. It gives you real butterflies to see him/her every time. You know you will prove to be the best lover, when you know people will sing and praise about your chemistry. When everyone will wish and be inspired to have a Relationship like Yours.


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