“My Dress, My Choice” – The Gauhar Khan Issue



This issue took no time to grab the trending chart in a few days but what really matters is the death and shock of this worthless incident taking place. This is a clear mark on how some people and their thoughts are pushing India towards the bad phase again. Where there is a fear in the freedom. Day’s back the independence is what it seems to me. The women’s are again targeted.


When such incidents take place the wounds are revived again. Why a girl? Why is she Visio Ned with a different eye? Who are people to judge, react and take action on someone else’s life? Who give them this dare? It’s rightly said that don’t say girls to wear more clothes – say your boys to behave. People having the sick mentality need to understand – a girl is not any one’s property. If a girl wear short clothes what’s wrong in it? You have to particularly let the broadness be available. So are this people going to hit sports player too? Where short clothes are there sports suits.

People need to flush their thoughts regarding women and her clothes in the society? Pinning a girl down due to the clothes she wear is pure slavery. This is an independent country with backward people. Where people still do not understand the actual meaning of independence and freedom. It’s not only getting freedom from slavery against another country but to get an integral freedom. Which doesn’t seems to exist. A women still has the restrictions of the dos and don’ts. While men are always free from this. Even if a girl wears jeans the accused is always she. Why?

It’s a girls’ choice to choose what she want to wear. Right from entrepreneurs to actresses – a black dress is there daily formal outfit. This things are really disheartening when a girl has to compromise on such issues. Is she only an object whom you can attack when you feel attracted to her? This has happened earlier in Kenya when a women was attacked when she wore a short skirt. All the citizens there protested hugely by operating a “short skirt march on” the banners read – “my dress, my choice”. People there were forced to make ill men realize – in Africa or any other country, the revolution of man started with no clothes. It’s a form of shelter which people individually chose to protect themselves. When you start looking beyond it and pose foolish acts – this is what happens.

gauhar khan

What the incident mainly had – is when the accused said he didn’t like the clothes Gauhar Khan was wearing and that it was against her religion.

So you go and slap people on national television areas when they don’t understand your thoughts. This people are trying to bring a new culture by doing this. People before accepted that – people can wear what they want – might be she is a girl or he is a boy. But these days’ people say they cannot control themselves if a girl wear revealing clothes, and they tend to go beyond then just watching. Their brains are spoiled and they end up acting crimes – is what the accused exactly say.

Well I think – this people need to change their gender to “real men”. Who know their limits well and know what is right and what is wrong. The people practicing this crimes have no right to call themselves humans. When they cannot understand the pain of someone else when he/she is being attacked sexually.

Awareness and education related to this need to be spread greatly and strict laws need to be generalized when people will stop. May be. Women’s of India and the whole film industry have protested against this ill mishap taking place supporting Actresses Model Gauhar Khan. Radio stations and media are doing their bit too. Where I found women saying – that they chose to wear sleeveless and skirts since years but they have never faced this ill issues. If the youth is being modern and exposed to sexual things virtually – they should know the basic thing that- what is right and what is wrong. It’s not the women who need to stop wearing her desired clothes – it’s YOU who need to cut your activities which exposes you to the attracted world. It’s you who need to change. Change your thoughts and start respecting women. Women in the REAL WORLD doesn’t dresses to attract someone. The VIRTUAL WORLD and the real world is a big difference. Which people need to understand having some basic senses.

How will this accused ill men feel when someone else (an unknown person/ stranger) who loves to see boxing will suddenly come and start hitting you up. Pinning you down to the ground and killing you like the wrestlers and boxers? Think on it.




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