Marketing / Finance? The First Decision-Making Test In A BMS Graduate’s Life


Marketing/Finance? The First Decision-Making Test In A BMS Graduate’s Life

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The courses of Bachelors in Commerce (BCom), Technology (BTech), Mass Media (BMM), and other fields are as vast as Bachelors of Management Studies (BMS), and in some cases, vaster. But, students pursuing those other than management studies, get fewer chances of reading about decision-making than the BMS-pursuing students (as far as academic books are concerned). Learning and reading about decision-making is learning about leadership. Because, leadership and decision-making are directly relational. So, selecting Bachelors in Management Studies as your course was your decision, you must as well, know about what, how, and why decisions should be taken in the latter parts of the course. Decisions, pertaining to every little things. Most importantly, the decision of choosing from the subjects of Special Studies in Finance (SSF) and Special Studies in Marketing (SSM) in the fifth semester or third year of BMS.

As the names suggest, selection of SSF pertains to studies in Finance, creating projects, and appearing for internal and external examinations (Sem-5)  and a similar picture in case of selecting SSM, which will pertain to marketing. The reason of selecting one of the two lies deeper in the roots, in your passion and inclinations. Although, many students end up following friends for better company in the lectures, and mistake selecting the wrong subject. Select the right subject by following the reasons below rather by following your friends for a mere company:


Marketing decision making


1. Because, if asked, you could even study or debate about any content from the chosen subject in the middle of the night.

As already highlighted, its about your interests. If you’re not interested in mathematics, then choosing Special Studies in Finance would be a sure-shot waste. If in case, you’re interested in finance, then you would not feel the hardship of waking up in the middle of the night and start crunching some numbers.


2. Because, you would want your bread and butter from the chosen subject. 

Out of the two, it should be a subject you want to spend the rest of your life with. Pounce upon the choices and make the right one because work should not feel like work while working instead of struggling and stumbling over the wrong choice the rest of your life.


3. Because, you would want to pursue a higher education around the selected subject.

Like SSF for MBA in Finance and SSM for Advertising. The reason is that you will accumulate a major chunk of knowledge required to crack these higher-ed courses, or simply have an upper-edge whilst going through these.




4. Because Indian educational system gives this kind of opportunity only once in a blue moon.

In fifteen years of education, to name a few, options like french / sanskrit, and science / commerce/ arts; SSF/SSM is one of those rare options offered by the Indian education system to us. So, why not make it large and make it count for the rest of your life?


There’s too much of emphasis in this article on giving heed to selecting the right one. It’s obvious that this emphasis has a reason in itself too. And the reason is that selecting a right one from the gut would give you the knack of making decisions yourself. Selecting a subject is more of an opportunity where you would discover some more interesting avenues and learning them too.

Selection of a subject favourable to the future is a gateway to your own world.





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