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Every woman loves to look beautiful. Not only a woman it is everyone’s right to look beautiful and for doing so there is many ways like trying new outfits that you never tried or shied away from earlier. To achieve that ‘beautiful’ look we can also use makeup. Some of you may be like we know this (and obviously they do; p) but not every girl is comfortable about wearing makeup on daily basis (not me atleast: D) so what should these girls do well…there is something called as the “no makeup “makeup look and it is very easy one that everyone can do by following these simple steps

makeup 2

  1. Foundation:-

This is the first step of everything you’ll ever do; p anyways all you have to do is start by applying a light coat of foundation all over your face. Another alternative for this step is using a tinted moisturizer which helps you achieve a much natural look.

makeup 3

  1. Cover those dark circles:-

Apply a coat primer or concealer under your dark circles. This is an important stage because covering your dark circles will lend your face a fresh appeal. Blend the concealer properly or else it will crease and look odd.

  1. Compact it:-

After applying the foundation and concealer lastly apply the compact powder to seal them in place for whole day.

makeup 4

  1. Blush/bronzer:-

Here the main trick is to find a blush whose color is nearest to your natural blush, which appears during the cold winters or the hot summers when you go hot in heat; p or when someone pulls your cheeks. Another tip for using blush is applying it right at the first stage i.e. before foundation this will give you a more natural blush feel: D

makeup 5

  1. Let the eyes do the talking:-

When you are opting for a natural makeup look it is important that you pay attention to your eyes so apply a nude color eyeshade first and also curl your lashes. After that put on the mascara lightly. You can also tight line your eyes with a white pencil liner; it makes your eyes look wider and fresher.

  1. Eyebrows:-

Natural makeup is all about highlighting your features without too much cakey makeup so pay attention to your eyebrow. Eyebrows accentuate and define our face so we can simply comb it out with a small tinny tiny brush.

makeup 6

  1. Smiley lips:-

Every  girl loves a red pout but for daily basis this isn’t exactly possible except you are an model’s for a daily look you can simply use a lip balm or a lip color that is a shade or two lighter than your natural lip color to achieve that gorgeous killer smile!

Lastly I world surely like to say that makeup or no makeup ,it is the confidence in you that will radiate and brighten your face and also god has made us in the way we are and he surely must have thought a million times before making us what we are and hence accepting yourself the way you are is crucial cause makeup is juss for highlighting your features and not for hiding yourself behind it.hit the gym and have healthy food this will instantly give you that glow that we all see on the actress and adore go the natural way. And yes, love yourself and the world will surely love you!

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