The Most Beautiful Creation Of God : Daughter, Wife, Mother


smiling woman

What according to you is God’s most beautiful creation? I would say women, as she is someone who has the gift of getting a new life to the world. She is the one who right from birth till her death plays and moulds herself into so many relations and plays every relation very beautifully to the best of her abilities and yet receives the least of what she does in return but yet doesn’t complain about anything. If one can learn really about art of Giving is from a women as she only gives happiness to everybody around and tries to keep everyone happy through each and every role she plays.


   Let’s first talk about her as a daughter as that is the very first relation she gets bonded on earth as she opens her eyes. ‘Daughter’, she is considered as an apple of her parent’s eyes and sometimes a burden to a family due to the narrow minds of certain people. When she is a daughter she tries her best to keep her family happy both by academics and job. Today daughters walk in with shoulders with the sons as they can do everything that a son can do and support their families better than what a son might do.


   She fulfils all her responsibilities as a daughter and moves to a new world to a new family in a new surrounding around new people and she gets bonded into another relation that is of a ‘Wife’. She becomes a wife and dedicates her entire life to a person who is totally new to her and readily accepts the person due to feeling of love. She gels in the family like Salt in the water and accepts every person and their way of living Whole heartedly and from the day of her marriage she lives her life for her new extended family and her acceptance is such that one feels like that she has lived with the family from her childhood.


 She becomes a ‘Mother’ for her husband and bears him a child and even after she gives birth to the child keeps the child in the womb for nine months and selflessly gives her husband’s  name to her child. She plays the role of the mother so remarkably that we can see a different new woman in her. She no more thinks and lives for herself but for her child and the relation is so strong that she understands everything that the child feels and wants without even the child saying is.She dedicates her entire life to others but in return doesn’t expect anything.

  Even after she does so much by being a ‘Daughter, Wife, Mother’ and just gives, she is still hurt, abused, used, misused. She is murdered for dowry by her in laws or burnt alive. She is killed by her own family when she is born. This is not a stop she is threatened to give birth to only a male child and when she gives birth to a girl child her motherhood is killed by killing her own baby or through abortion. This injustice is not stopped here by her family that the world rapes her and kills her soul or else everyday eve teases her that kills her every single day.

  She just gives and gives but in return gets nothing except pain and hurt. Is she not a human being? Doesn’t she deserve a little appreciation and respect? Finally, would there be world without her? Do give it a thought!

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