Hemangi Ingale


An interview with Hemangi Ingale, a BMS faculty of Model College.

Name – Hemangi Ingale

College – Model College, Dombivli

Tell us something about yourself
I am an Arts graduate and have completed my Masters in Human Resource Management and M.Phil (Management). I possess 2 years of industrial experience and 7 years of academic experience.
I am a person who lives life with the view of enjoying the most in my life and always do whatever I enjoy to do. I am also inclined a bit towards philosophical thought processes.

Tell us something about your college
Model College is a college managed by Keraleeya Samajam of Dombivli. It is a trust which has been formed by Keraleeya enthusiasts who felt the need for quality education in Dombivli area. The college imparts quality education and also tries to inculcate some values amongst the students who enroll in this college. Since I am from HR background I would talk from HR point of view. The faculties are quite qualified and highly educated in their own field. And as for the self-financing courses we have been able to run the courses like BMS, B.Com (A&F), B.Com (B&I) and B.Com (FM) quite well with the inspiration and able leadership of our principal Dr.M.R.Nair and Co-ordinator Mrs. Reena Pillai. I always feel that both of them have always given a go ahead for anything that would help the students gain more knowledge and even co-curricular training. I am proud to be a part of section which is doing so much in the area of academics as well as social awareness.

When did you join the teaching profession? What inspired you to choose this line?
I started teaching at a very young age when I was around 16 years of age but as a profession I joined teaching 7 years back. For the first time my parents told me that I can take up teaching as a profession. And long time back one of my professors had told me so when I had taken up a topic to teach on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

What is your teaching philosophy?
Give away whatever knowledge I have.

Do you believe in teaching should be full of ideas rather than stuffed with facts?
Facts if students want then, nowadays, they have many sources like books, journals and the hot favorite Internet; but if teaching is full of ideas and real life examples then I think and hope it will reach to the students in a better way.

Can a student from Arts/science background also do BMS?
Management is Art as well as science hence person from any background can learn management. I don’t know why people with Arts feel that the limitation.

As a BMS faculty, what kind of projects do you expect bms students to work upon?
Serious ones. Actually, nowadays the project has become little mechanical but if some student really would like to do an outstanding project then in the vacation after 2nd year he / she can join some company as an intern and learn various aspects of management there and pick up some project from there. I think that was what was in the minds of people when they put project for BMS but unfortunately it is not handled well. PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION IS MUST.

Do you think a BMS Student should participate in College fests and Industrial Visits? Why?
Yes certainly. Every individual should put apart of his 24 hour day for self and that is what is talent comes from. College fest is an avenue from where the students can showcase these talents. Industrial visits depends whether the students are going for industrial visit with the aim of knowledge gain or ‘official picnic’.

People say BMS is 70 % of first year MBA. After BMS, is work experience important for MBA?
Work experience will help you out to outshine your colleagues in MBA since you already know what happens in industry. It does help you out to understand the concepts better but work experience is not compulsory for a sincere student.

There is a shortage of eminent professors at bachelors’ level management. With more and more institutes joining the professional courses bandwagon, do you think BMS will become yet another Bcom?
Yes. It has already become.Time will come when newer courses will be added, private and foreign universities would come to our city and BMS and other self financing courses will lose out the luster. We have to accept this harsh fact.

What should BMS education mean to a student?
It should be seen an opportunity to become jack of all trades and as a stairway to success at young age.

Do you think the course curriculum is at par with industry expectations?
To some extent yes. But largely no.

Today, we often come across students committing suicide out of failure, depression or tension of exams. What do you have to say about this?
I would say that is fault of our education system. We are not able to make our students strong enough to accept the failures smilingly and fight to succeed. I would like to remind the poem “Try Again Try Again, Until you Succeed Try again’. In fact, the education system is being made too student friendly which is again harmful for the students in long run. In education you may not have exams and go to higher classes what about organization there you will have to face ‘Performance Appraisal’ !

Who in your life has most influenced you?
Parents of course, Dada (Param Pujya Pandurang Shastri Athavle) and literature study in my Graduation. All of them have taught me the lessons of life.

What are your professional/career goals?
Get a doctorate and do many researches in my field after that.

Do alumni come back and tell you about life after bms?
Yes. That is the only reason I am motivated to teach.

A famous quote says “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others”. What would you like to say on this?
Very true. While the teacher gives knowledge to the students, students in turn go and succeed in life and take up a high position in industry, teacher is still there in the same school, college teaching a new set of students. But the only satisfaction for the teachers is that their students have gained that height because of the part of knowledge given by them.

Who would you call as the best student so far in your memory?
I had many students who were too good in their own way. I have a special space in my heart for our first batch of all courses way back in 2003-2004. But if you ask about ideal student then it is Atul Mejari.

One touching incident that happened with you in your teaching career?
Once I met one student of mine after a gap of around 2-3 years. She came and hugged me and said madam I have done a great work in my masters in foreign university and I thank you for that. You trained me so that I could meet up the challenge there. Whenever I have a low mood, I remember her words and I am back to normal for work. I think that gesture of my student was the most touching one.

What suggestions would you like to give to Mumbai university for amendments in the BMS course?
There are many – starting with introduction of some practical assignments for students.
The new syllabus is introduced but still it can be handled in a better manner.

How do you find BMS.co.in? What help should it provide in future?
I am to know that such a website has been introduced only for bms student. The website can help students to solve their queries related to syllabus, personality development etc. also it is a good platform for interaction and thus turn out to a successful placement platform for students.Those who are already placed can share their experiences. And also in turn inspire their juniors.

What message would you like to give to the bms students?
BMS is a special course. But as I mentioned earlier, competition is arriving. You need to carve a niche for yourself or you would be lost in the crowd. And last but not the least, be like a creeper the higher you grow, bow a little, be humble and be a good citizen.

Thank you so much for giving us your valuable time. I’m sure reading this interview would be a great help and inspiration for the students.

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