First,  exposure  to the advertisement can create awareness about brand, leading to a feeling of familiarity with it. Second, information about the brand’s benefits

& the attributes on which the benefits are based can register with the consumer can  also result from exposure to the ad. Third, advertisements can also generate feelings   in  an  audience  that  they  begin  to  associate  with  the  brand  or  its consumption.  Fourth,  through  the  choice  of  the  spokesperson  &  image for  the brand, often called “brand personality”. Fifth, the advertisements can create the impression  that  the  brand  is  favored  by  the  consumer’s   peers,  or  experts- individuals & group the consumer likes to emulate. This is often how products & brands are presented as being fashionable. These five effects can create favorable liking,  or attitude, towards  the brand, which in  turn should  lead to  purchasing action. Sometimes the advertisers will attempt to spur purchasing action directly by  providing  a  reminder  or  by  attacking  reasons  why  the  consumer  may  be postponing that action.




Mc CANN PULSE: Technique of transforming consumer information into consumer insight.

+ Mc FOOTPRINT: Method of transforming brands from one market

opportunities into expanded multinational platforms.

^ Mc CANN SELLING: Transforming Consumer Insight into effective advertising.




These two models help us to understand how & why consumers acquire process &use advertising  information.  It  is  also  important  to  at  the  planning  stage  to develop a  good  understanding  of  where  advertising  fits  into  the  total  pool  of information  & influence sources to  which consumer is  exposed. Understanding information  processing  invariably  leads  to  the  need  for  understanding  a  wide range  of other  important  psychological  constructs,  such  as  perception,  learning attitude formation & change, source of effects, brand personality & image.


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