Acne can be really embarrassing and frustrating. You just don’t have any solution sometimes and that’s even more annoying! Pimples love your face so much, that they just don’t seem to leave for months and sometimes years..err..The reasons I have listed down here are quite surprising, which am sure you are unaware of!


1. Cell phones:

When you are answering calls, you are actually inviting acne. not lying! When you are talking, your cell phone touches your cheeks, not letting the pores underneath breathe. This doesn’t just suffocate your skin but also causes big acnes because of the bacteria which are already sitting on your phone! To avoid this, clean your phone frequently, use hands free whenever possible and try not to keep the phone on the same side each time.

2. Toothpaste:

I am sure you might have heard, that a dab of tooth paste on a zit will stop it from getting bigger and will eventually dry and die. But then what if the toothpaste you are using is irritating your skin? The fluoride in toothpastes sometimes doesn’t suit many consumers, resulting in acne! Try changing your toothpaste, maybe that’s causing breakouts.

3. Your Pillow:

When you sleep, pillow touches a major portion of your face. It is very important to keep your pillow cover clean. The dirt collecting on your pillow covers, start causing acne! Avoid pimples by washing your pillow covers frequently.

4. Hairstyling Products:

Everyone is aware of the fact that oil based cosmetics cause breakouts. We ignore the fact that the hairstyling products which make your hair so silky soft are also oil based. These products cause zits when your hair touches your face! Always buy products which are oil free and you will see a difference.

5. Water:

It’s true that washing your face with water will clean off the dirt from your face. But if you are using hard water then there are 90% chances that it’s the water that is causing breakouts! This happens because of the high concentration of minerals in the hard water which cause irritation to your skin and form a film over your skin, causing the pores to clog. Save your face by installing water filters. These filters not just clean your skin on your face but also leave your hair smooth and silky.

– Saloni Tolia


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