7 Super Cool Ways To Beat Summer Heat While Travelling


7 Super Cool Ways To Beat Summer Heat While Travelling

summer heat


Summer is the most awesome weather to travel many destinations, but it’s actually not very comfortable. High temperatures and humidity can be a nuisance in your travel experience. Read on to learn how to beat the heat on a summer trip.

  1. Health


Avoiding sunburn is really very important as it can reduce the skin’s ability to shed excess heat so don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going out to somewhere. Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and juices. Eat lighter meals, as the fuel in your belly heats up your body, and also can commandeer precious water from your system. Also wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your hair and eyes from harmful sun rays.


  1. Clothes


Light colored clothing is the best way to dress during summer seasons. It’s also important to remember to wear loose fitting garments that will allow air to circulate against the skin. Different types of heat requires different types of clothes like very hot but dry conditions mainly demand that you protect yourself from the sun, where in very hot, humid conditions you need to wear clothes that will let your body cool off.


  1. Check in advance


There is no excuse for not knowing what the weather would be like in a place you are going to spend your vacations. You should also check weather at your local airport, and all stops along the way.


  1. Check for air conditioners before


You will want to know whether you’re lodging and daytime attractions have air-conditioning. Call ahead or check the websites of museums, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions.


  1. Focus in morning


The morning hours are going to be the most conducive to moving around, and you would do well to focus your attention on maximizing the hours. A major bonus to this tactic is that most attractions are far less crowded in the morning hours.


  1. Get the night


At night it’s a different world, as the old song goes late afternoons and evenings will still be hotter than most mornings, but the declining sun, open attractions and sometimes evening breezes can make these hours among your most productive and enjoyable. Check for evening discounts and extended hours to get even more out of the twilight hours.


  1. Ice creams


You laugh, but foods like ice cream bring the cold way down into your belly, helping to lower your core temperature.


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