Do You Think That Living A Life Full Of Luxury Is More Important Than ‘Life’?


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Today the kind of lifestyle we are living is quite luxurious. We earn a lot, we eat a lot, we rest a lot, we stress a lot, etc.

The reason behind my use of the word “a lot” is because nowadays we do everything out of limit. That is we do it above its requirements! Let me explain you this with an example!

An occasional restaurant dine-out is totally okay but nowadays people have got a habit of eating at hotels if they personally don’t go they get it through home delivery option which today almost all restaurants are offering. We have become so habitual to the restaurant food that we tend to order food even when there is no need.

Similarly there are many things which should be used in a certain limit so that it does not harm our health. But nowadays the concept of “easy life” has got a lot of popularity. Today people shop online, order food online, book tickets for movies, train, bus, planes online, etc.

Everything is available on the internet along with thousands of alternate option and with reviews and feedbacks for the same.

This concept has successfully reduced our work load but it has given birth to some new problems which would be far more stressful and painful than the work load.

Nowadays even children are suffering with diabetes the reason behind this is the type of food they eat. Ask any child what is his favorite dish pat comes the reply pizza, burger, chocolate shakes, ice creams, French fries, noodles, chicken(fried), etc. All these food items contain heavy amounts of sugar which in turn makes the child suffer from diabetes.

The next fastest growing is the major disease of obesity which we all know has become one universal problem.

All these health problems cause a lot of harm not only to our body but also our internal system or you may call it as our immune system. We all put in a lot of hard work to live our lives successfully which we should never forget and take good care of our health because as it is said “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

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Afifa Qureshi


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