What Would Happen If We Have To Grow Up Without Cell Phones?


What Would Happen If We Have To Grow Up Without Cell Phone?

After reading the above topic, we all would have been shocked. Living our life without mobile phones is impossible! Due to invention of cell phones our life has become very smooth. In today’s world cell phones has become a must in our day to day life. We cannot imagine our life without mobile phones. We are always stuck to our mobile phones.

world without mobiles

Mobile phones keep us connected with each other. We can share our problems and happiness with any one we want and in a couple of seconds. Our scientist has given a wonderful gift to the whole world. We are totally dependent on mobile. We can also operate internet through mobile phones and it helps us a lot in our studies.


Cell phones have become a part of our body. If we don’t have it, we will incomplete. When there were no mobile phones, the people use to contact through letters with each other. When telephones were invented they would have to go to the telephone office, inform them and after this, they were given a fixed time to call their relatives. If there would be some emergency even then the people had to wait. But nowadays we can contact to any person in the world.

life without mobiles

The worst impact of cell phones is on students. Students use cell phones from day to night. Due to cell phones, people don’t meet each other; they only talk them on phones. Students play video games on their phones and don’t move out of their houses. They don’t play outdoor games which affects their physical heath. When there were no phones, relatives use to meet each other in few months as they had no other option to talk with them. But now they converse on mobile phones and meet after many years. But still there is a good point that they can contact them any time whenever they would them.


mobile phones

Cellphones helps us in many ways. There are various types of apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Hike messengers are used to free messages. Even due to advancement, touch screen phones have come up. Mobile phones are also useful to people who are illiterate. We don’t have to type the number and only by speaking the name we can talk to the concerned person. We can listen to music at any time.
If we have to grow up without cell phones, our life would have become a hell. There are many advantages and disadvantages of phones. But the only thing is that it depends upon us that in what way we are using it, whether we are using it as an advantage or disadvantage.





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Aakriti Sharma
I am in 11th std from mulund college of commerce


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