Hello Drug Addicts, This Is About Your Life Which I Am 100% Sure You Are Not Bothered To Read


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Addiction of anything is injurious to human health. But nowadays nothing works on human beings. You shout, you warn if they have decided to ruin their life they will stop caring even about their family. We all know how important our family is to us. We live and die for our families’ happiness. They mean the world to us. When even one of them falls sick or experiences pain we are most affected by it as we are connected to them emotionally.  And if the disease is like addiction we even fail to understand the requirement of the person in pain.

It is said that people take drugs for enjoyment, some consume it for experiencing peace. After the consumption we tend to enter an imaginary world where we think everything happens according to our own wish. Not everyone who consumes drug becomes an addict. But it is said that most of the times any person who has taken drugs for once and has a good experience they tend to try it one more time and so on.

Drug addiction is similar to or even worse than smoking habits. People who enjoy consuming drugs on occasions develop a habit which soon turns out into addiction. All those who become addicted to drugs think their lives are better in imagination while they have taken drugs and bitter in reality when they are in their senses. For them life after consuming drugs is like life in heaven and without drugs they feel they are living in hell.

By the time their parents realize their child’s problem and discover a solution for it, the stage of bringing their child’s life back to normal has passed. Drug addicts feel all those who try to keep them away from drugs and portray them as their wee-wishers are their biggest enemies as they are ones who are keeping them away from the thing they love!

While there are chances when parents’ are successful in saving their children life by taking them to rehabilitation Centre’s and giving them the best possible treatment to bring them back to normal.

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Afifa Qureshi


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