5 Reasons For Widespread Obesity in Indians



In a country like India where the people who love and connect to food like none other ,we are racing towards the brink of fitness ie to fall in the hands of fats. Here are the five reason which we should try and avoid in our lifestyle too ensure fat problems don’t occur and resolve too.



1)      Improper sleep.

In hectic city life completing work is more important than sleeping. A deadline issue in any company whether you are employee or employer is a common factor for increase in fats. Sleep ensures your leptin and ghrelin level to remain stable that is your energy levels stay good to ensure low appetite and so does your hunger capacity is reduced.


2)       High Transfat diets

Fats are essential to our body. They ensure a lot of things in our body such as maintenance of temperature reduction of lactic contain, conversion in to muscles etc. But these are called good fats or baby fats. Apart from these fats there are certain bad fats known as transfats. These should be avoided as much as possible.

trans-fat-info (1)


3)      Sugars

If you are a Gujarati you definitely know what I am talking about. For people who have a sweet tooth please avoid sweets. Sweets have a lot of glucose which if found in excess makes you lazy. Sugars also have an habit to be water retentional converting into body fat instantly so avoid these.


4)      Lack of Excercise

Once u lack exercise your body cannot burn your bad fats.  It also accumulates a lot of salts which become toxic due to inefficiency of the system.  This in turn increases laziness.


5)      Stress

With hormonal changes in the belly everyday stress adds an add on change which makes body store fat.  As soon as the body disposes some fat stress multiplies it and gets it back in your body.


-Aditya Chavan

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