5 Really Awesome Reasons Why Every Girl Likes To Have A Gay Best Friend


Gay Best Friend

A friend is a person with whom a person is most comfortable, can share his/her problems, and tell your deepest secret and most importantly one who understands you a little more than you understand yourself. Everyone does need friends or else one will become a loner and eventually fall sick. But girls require friends even more, as they have so much to talk but then they need ears who can listen to them and they find those listeners in their friends. Girls love speaking and one can even say that it is a talent she is gifted with. The day might get over but her conversation will never finish even then. At times even 24 hours is less for a girl in a day to talk .Though it might sound funny but it is true, she doesn’t want to keep anything to herself but share it with the people she likes and those people are her friends.

  Is it easy to find friends? Being a girl it is even more difficult as she can’t trust anyone blindly as we hear a lot today that her trust is easily been taken benefit of. Some girls fear such things and don’t make friends while some are there who are bold enough and just make friends with every hand they shake. Some find good friends in girls while few in guys and the remaining do not find the friend they need in both the category.

So what about a GAY? Won’t the GAY fill in the need of a friend? Don’t you think you may find the best friend in a GAY?

Gay Best Friend

Here are certainly some Awesome Reasons to be friends with a gay:

  • Feeling Secured

The best reason of all for a girl to be friends with a gay is the feeling of security. As a Gay, is a person who likes a guy and not a girl. This will make you feel secured with him as he won’t be the person who take an advantage of you can indeed might protect you.


  • A listening ear

Girls always want someone who will listen to them and you will definitely find a listening ear in a Gay as even they are the one who likes to talk and loves to be heard.


  • Likes and Habits

A Gay is a person who has a lot of liking like a girl. So a girl will find a friend and a partner in shopping which guys hate to do. This is one most common example but there are other habits too. Like bitching about someone, talking hours and hours, and admiring guys too (unless…The guy is not the same one who both of you like)


  • Sensitive

Being a girl one needs someone who can understand the problem which is just the way one is feeling and GAYS have the quality of sensitiveness and therefore will understand you better and be supportive in your problem and sadness rather laugh on it.


  • Someone to talk with always

A GAY loves talking and so do girls. They will talk to you hours and hours without you realizing how your time has passed. In them you will surely find a person whom you can talk to always.

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