Life is really fair, if you give it a chance and be happy. Simple pleasures throughout the day can be far more gratifying than one amazing weekend. I’ve created a list of all the little things that make us happy, ranked from smallest burst of happiness to largest burst of happiness.

1. Popping bubble wrap – the bubblier the better; makes you pass time

2. Don’t act like you’re not filled with joy when more than 10 people “like” your Instagram photo.

3. That amazing feeling you get when you find forgotten money in your pocket and you feel like a millionaire.

4. It really doesn’t get better than opening your book exactly to the page you were on. In your head you’re all assuming yourself as the champion.

5. That happy moment when you look at your car speedometer, and you see the numbers look like a series of numbers.


6. How great is it when you wake up before your alarm goes off and realize you have more time to sleep?

7. When every song on the radio while you’re driving to work seems like you hand-picked them yourself!

8. The feeling you get when you cross off everything on your to-do list.

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9. Its super duper when somebody says you have lost weight or simply compliments on your hair– A good hair Day!

10. You know that amazing moment when an Oreo perfectly separates and you kind of feel like you’ve mastered this whole life thing?

11. Or when you’re thinking about someone, and then they text you and you feel like a higher power is at work?

12. Getting retweeted or getting likes and comments on your display pic is basically an invitation to do your happy dance.

13. Being the Microwave Champion!

14. The awesome feeling of taking off your pants after a long work day.

15.         100% charge on your phone. And you are like AWESOME!


So open your eyes. Look around a bit. You’ll always find a reason to be happy, if only for a few minutes each day.

Tanvi Shah

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Smita Singh

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