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Recently MUMBAI UNIVERSITY changed the exam pattern from 60-40 to 75-25. Earlier we had 60 marks for final exams and 40 for internal exam, class behaviour, assignments etc. But now due to the new changes in the exam pattern, we have 75 marks for Final exams and only 20 marks for internal exam and 5 marks for attendance.

This pattern maybe suitable for other streams, but it is definitely not for BMS. Cause BMS is all about improving management skills of a student. In the 60-40 pattern, BMS students had to earn 20 marks by making power point presentations, Book reports, questionnaires, research topics, video making and presenting, and many more. Due to these subjects, BMS students had to do many more things to earn marks and not just study.

BMS exam pattern

For BMS students, just studying and reading books will not help them understand the actual management skills and market scenarios. They require practical knowledge which that can receive only by performing them. BMS students require good communication skills and confidence. This can be taught to them only by making them perform in front of students and making them prepare PPT’s which will help them gain confidence and they can receive feedback from teachers about how they can improve their presentations.

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Since these assignments had a 20 mark weightage for the final scores, Students used to take this seriously. Also they enjoyed doing team projects and assignments and they made many new friends which also made them step out of their comfort zone. Now after 75-25 pattern has come, teachers still give a few assignments if they have time. But since they don’t carry any marks, students don’t put their 100% effort and brain into this. They take it lightly and this helps no one. Plus, in the 3rd year BMS students have 200 marks project which had great importance. So now that there is no project work in the first 2 years, it will become difficult for the students to understand what is needed from them.

BMS is all about speaking and thinking on the spot. It has marketing, finance, HR, and so many more fields. These all fields require management skills which you can get only when you practise them and learn them. Not just read about them in books. If they could be just learnt, then everyone can become a manager. It needs to be taught to the students with the help of assignments to make them apply the knowledge they learn in college. BMS is a specialised course which needs to have these skill-training for students to improve their communication abilities.

If a commerce student just wanted to learn management subjects, he can do BCOM and then MBA. But commerce students want to learn BMS related subjects, they expect the course to contain assignments and projects which will prepare them for the future. MU has changed the whole meaning of BMS with the change of 75-25 pattern.

BMS projects

Earlier we had only 4 questions for 15 marks each which adds up to 60 marks paper. But now they have increased the questions to 5 with 15 marks each. They have removed 15 marks brief and just kept 7 and 8 mark questions. Also, the 20 mark internal paper has 10 marks objectives. This wasn’t the case earlier. There are some people who cannot do well in their exams, but are excellent in projects and presentations. Now those people have lost interest in BMS with 75-25 exam pattern. I am hoping MUMBAI University changes this rule and goes back to 60-40 at least for BMS students.


By Rhea Shetty.


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I started out as a science student,But then I wanted to do something which showcases my creativity and not just book knowledge. So I choose BMS and here I am excelling in every field. BMS is the best decision I have ever made. Hoping to help everyone with my posts.
  1. pratik 5 years ago

    Definately it was much better now we jst have to mug up everthing.. Im bms 2ndyear.
    1st year we had 60:40.
    Now learning is more presenting is less
    It has become very tuff to pass out.

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