6 Superb Tips On How You Can Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy


6 Superb Tips On How You Can Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

Many teens, youngsters, cougars and even married individuals go crazy asking this question – “How can I keep my partner happy/content?” People, who feel, are very much experienced in the field of such issues proudly say (mostly their friends),

Boy-to-Boy convo : “girlfriend ke liye gift khareed ley yaar, maan jayegi!

Girl-to-Girl convo : ” tumhaare bf ki hi galti hogi, for sure!

LOL, Agar shuru se soch lete, toh, na toh expensive gift aur  naahi breakup karne ki naubat aati!

Obviously, relationships have never been a ‘local lingo’ for us. Both the individuals face different issues, whether it’s their family issues or issues related to education, their social life. Don’t ever come to that path where you can’t handle the situation and you feel like you’re between the devil and the deep sea. Eventually, you lose that base in your relationship and you either breakup or keep breaking-up and making-up occasionally and that…ummm…doesn’t really work out too well.

Try making your relationship healthier right from the start, so that you don’t have to regret later. Read these tips and try to abide by these rules. You never know when these tips could actually help you out! 😀

1. Sync up your Hobbies

Find a common hobby and place it as your first priority in a relationship. Like going for a cricket match together or hanging out at your favorite holiday spot to take out some real-hot scenic snaps, if, both of you’ll have got that joint-passion for photography!

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

2. Involve him/her in the good and the bad phase of life

Try involving your partner in everything that you do, if your partner involves you in every situation, (it could be a financial issue or a family issue), that shows how committed he/she wants to be with you.

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

3. When he/she gives you a status in their life

Things like, introducing him/her as your girlfriend/boyfriend in front of your friends, clearly shows that he/she has accepted you as a ‘special part’ in your life.

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

4. Show it, when you don’t like something

Always show that disapproval to your partner when you don’t like something. It sometimes proves to be better than keeping your partner in darkness.

For e.g. You don’t like Football and your partner loves watching that every evening, even when you could go out and spend some time together. You hate that. Don’t keep that in, let it out. Your partner would surely appreciate that.

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

5. Show your courtesy

‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’ are those few, small things that works up magic for your relationship. It shows how much love and respect you have for your partner.

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy

6. Fight Righteously

Always have a base when you fight, never have baseless fights – where you call your partner embarrassing names or bitch about them to mutual friends.

Keep Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Happy 

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Bushra Shaikh

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