When we are lost they give us heading ,guide our path like stars across the sky and make us reach our destination together as a team fighting the odds with strength, acquired working as one. That’s the power of a leader aimed up by me. We have had many leaders of the past but only the 5 made it on my list. These leaders were choose not upon how good or bad they did but upon how well they lead the people to their desired goals and their ideals,which they used to continue their journey.



1)Julius Caesar (War mastermind of all time)

Julius Caesar an all time Roman war time genius who acclaimed many titles im the history alongside his best quality of leadership.He was known for his strategic mastermind over his opponents. He was the reason Roman empire ever grew so big.



2)Alexander the great ( Ruler of the world)

The ruler who made his home sick army capture half the world. An innovative tactician and a superb ruler Alexander was a clean breed winning machine of the time. Ferocious yet good at heart this ruler had  chivalry and valour over everything else.



3)Winston Churchill(Bold minister)

The greatest minister during the Second World War went on to become England’s prime minister the most dynamic personality of the time, Winston made his mark on the whole during second world war. This personality bought England out of its darkest tines and made it have the prosperity intended to be after world war 2.




4)Napolean Bonaparte( French Emperor)

After overthrowing the rule of king Louis xvi, Napolean Bonaparte became the Emperor of France. Known to motivate his armies he destroyed his foes who had strength in numbers. He was always remembered as a short heighted man who wanted to rule the world.



5)Adolf Hitler (A man who was on the bad side of history)

One of the greatest emperor world ever seen Hitler was a man of his word. His followers known as the Nazis were willing to lay down their lives for him. He was known as Führer by his people. Greatest mistake he committed was war lead by hatred against every one to achieve world domination of the Aryans race.


-Aditya Chavan

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