What is Dharma?


Dharma is the law of right living, the observance of which secures the double object of happiness in your own life and also the happiness in others life. It stands for all those ideals, purposes, influences, institutions, and the ways of life and conduct that shape the character and evolution of man both as an individual and as a member of the society. The openly spirit, righteousness (godliness), and fearlessness are the three divine elements of Dharma given explained below:

Dharma is spirit (or evolves from spirit) in Indian ethos. The inclusion of dharma is like rediscovering a vacant upstairs room in one’s heat chamber.  ‘Do right thing (‘Dharman Chara), do good, be good and the whole chamber of our heart shines with Light of Consciousness’. In dharma, not mere action but rightness is given great emphasis.

Dharma stresses fearlessness. Divine touch is enough to convert difficulties into opportunities. Of course one should know the truth about oneself. Dharma is the ‘inner law of one’s life’, the moment we are unconscious or ignore that inner law, our life is paralyzed. We feel isolated. Our degeneration is sure. No wonder we feel missing and incomplete. Dharma is ethics and spirituality combined. Follow your Dharma and it will protect you or stand by you. One has to comply with his own Dharma. Nobody has ever violated Dharma without ultimately courting disaster. Each one has his/ her own dharma.

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