What are the negative effects of not gaining Self-Control?


Negative Effects of not gaining self control:


  • Suffer the negative impact of your out of control behaviors such as alcoholism, chemical dependency, overeating, compulsive sex, addictive relationships, compulsive shopping, gambling, smoking, etc.
  • Become deeply depressed and despondent over your weakness and inability to get your life into “check” or ‘balance.”
  • End up convinced that there is no way you can get your life into balance because the amount of work, effort, energy, and resources needed are too great an investment just for you when there are so many other people, places, and things on which you could better focus attention.
  • Experience even lower self-esteem because of your inability to believe enough in your worth and value to take action to get your life into control.
  • Find it impossible to become detached from people, places, or things who are toxic or unhealthy for you.

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