What Are The Different Bases of Market Segmentation?


 Market Segmentation


A. Geographic segmentation
1. Region
2. Urban/Rural/Semi urban
B. Demographic segmentation
Demography is the study of the variables of population such as age composition, gender, education and so on.
1. Age
2.          Gender
3. Family life cycle
4.        Family size
5. Income
 6.     Education .
7. Occupation
8. Race and religion

C. Psychological Segmentation
1. Personality characteristics
2. Life style

D. Behavioural Segmentation
Here, segmentation is done on the basis of product related behaviour such as product usage rate, user status, loyalty pattern, buying motives, attitudes and responses etc.
1. Benefits sought
2. User status :
3. User rate
4. Readiness stage .
5. Buying motives
E. Sociographic segmentation
1. Culture
2. Social class
3. Reference groups


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