Definitions of Project:


  1. Newman, Summer & Warren-

        “A project typically has a distinct mission that it is designed to achieve a clear termination point, & the achievement of a mission”.


  1. Gillinger

        “Project is the whole complex of activities involved in using resources to gain benefits”.


  1. Webster’s New 20th Century Dictionary-

          “Project is a scheme, design, a proposal of something intended or devised”.


  1. Encyclopedia of Management-

           “Project is an organized unit dedicated to the attainment of a goal – the successful completion of a development project on time, within budget & in conformity with the predetermined programme specifications”.


  1. Harrison-

           “Project is a non-routine, non-repetitive, one-off undertaking normally with discrete time, financial & technical performance goals”.


  1. Project Management Institute, USA-

           “Project is a system involving the coordination of a number of separate department entities through the organization & which must be completed within prescribed schedules & time constraints”.


  1. UNIDO-

         “Project is a proposal for an investment to create or develop certain facilities in order to increase the production of goods or services in a community during a certain period of time”.


  1. Little & Mirrless-

         “A project is any scheme or part of a scheme, for investing resources which can reasonably be analysed & evaluated as an independent unit”.


  1. World Bank-

         “Project is an approval for a capital investment to develop facilities to provide goods & services”.


10. James P. Lewis-

          “A project is one time job that has defined starting & ending dates, a clearly defined objective or scope of work to be performed, a predefined budget & usually a temporary organization that is dismantled once the project is completed”.

          Thus, a project may be defined as a scientifically evolved work plan devised to achieve a specific objective within a specified period of time. The objective may be to create, expand or develop certain facilities in order to increase the production of goods or services in the community. The projects differ in size, objectives, nature & complexity. The three elements of a project are a course of action, having a specific objective & involving a definite time frame.



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