Black Book Project Topic Ideas For Marketing



Looking for a 200 marks project topic? Whether you are a BMS student of MU or DU, this list of simple black book project topic ideas for marketing should be extremely useful.

  1. Study of test marketing and customer interaction
  2. Market analysis and sales development of Amul milk
  3. Role of integrated marketing communication in Life Insurance
  4. Marketing survey and channel development
  5. Lux marketing
  6. Bisleri marketing project
  7. Customer relationship management and services marketing
  8. Impact of marketing activities on the sales of pharmaceutical companies
  9. Effectiveness of integrated marketing communication with respect to consumer attitude towards brand
  10. Attitude of people in different roles towards direct marketing
  11. Relationship between marketing research, customer knowledge and company sales
  12. Comparative study of sellers and buyers in market acceptability of licensed software
  13. Effects of product, market and organizational characteristics on market research practices
  14. Effects of search engine optimization on marketing performance of the companies
  15. Brand awareness and brand attitude as the predictors of market share
  16. Effect of mobile marketing on youngsters

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