The 7 Types Of People Who Never Succeed At Work.



Everyone of  us knows the fact that “Life is an echo-what you send out is what you get back”. In the organization, there are many people of different responsibilities. All of them have different roles to be played for the company. But there’s a standard cast of characters as well. You will find different characters of people everywhere you go. It might be frustrating for you if you do not succeed even if you are creative and innovative. This is because of your attitude. I’m of the belief  that attitude of a person can make or break him completely. Here are the 7 types of people at work, who never succeed(Make sure, you are not amongst them 😉 )

1- The Fearful one.


Fearful people are the ones who create a lot of trouble at work. If their project is failing, they will suggest your role was to blame. If you are scared of getting fired, you won’t be able to take up any important work with focus. Fearful people never succeed in life too because they are too afraid of even seeing a failure. This holds true as they are not motivated to take up something that is big which in turn, would make them successful.

2- The Gullible One.


Being a gullible person will always lead you to failure,no matter what. It’s because in this 21st century it is really hard to believe the other person. And if you tend to trust too fast people will always try to take advantage. Don’t believe everything you hear or see. Don’t believe that they’ve(your company) offered you the highest salary they can. Don’t believe them when they say they can’t negotiate your raise. When you know and believe your talent plus right, get up and fight for it.

3- Group thinker.


Group thinkers do not succeed in an organization and is termed as psychological problem running rampantly. The scope of group thinkers is less as they feel that they are doing everything perfectly and coming up with ideas, even if they are not. If you fight against these people you are tend to surround yourself with lots and lots of frustration as their  primary thinking is extremely rubbish- if anything goes wrong in the organization, it’s not their fault.

4- Constant complainers.


You would find many people who are constantly throwing blames on others. However, they are the ones who never succeed. Their attitude towards work and in office is totally different. If you find something that is not good or perfect, stand up and fix it instead  of sitting back and whining !

5- Cruel gossipers.


You must avoid being with them or else you won’t succeed. There is harmless gossips and cruel gossips. Harmless are usual gossips but cruel gossips are bad information about someone passed on from one to another.  There are some people in every office who never miss an opportunity to amplify the words of others. Stay away or become a part of them. It’s completely your pick!

6- Apologizer.


The apologizer will lack confidence in statements they make. They tend to lose a deal as soon as they open their mouth. Some of the statements while asking for a raise can be “I know we  don’t have enough money” or while demonstrating a presentation of their product “Don’t worry, this isn’t a crappy site” . Stay away from them and better not be one of them.

7- Losers.


Losers turn their heads on to the successful ones with a sceptic mindset rather than focusing on his/her business. These kind of people never succeed as they are least bothered about themselves as much as others. You can’t stop a sore loser from thinking what they want and you can’t convince them something that is out of their opinion. The only way to battle a sore loser is to make sure they’re not right.

Make sure you are not one of those. And if you find yourself it’s better to change your approach if at all you want to be successful both in personal and in professional life.

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I'm a guy who loves to learn as long as I like it. Else than that, I like to blog, play games, listen to music and make new friends. Passionate about football. My motto- "Spread happiness as it's free of cost!" :)


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