Importance Of Empowering Women Through Education



In this 21st century, education has become a must in everyone’s life. Today if people are not educated they can’t live their life happily. Education empowers women in her life. Women should educate themselves for the betterment of her own life. It is a universal truth that after getting married a girl has to leave her house and stay at her husband’s house. But what if her husband is cruel? She cannot live her life happily, but if she will be educated she can do some job and live her life in the way she wants.
In ancient times, parents use to marry their daughters at an early age. Due to this, she couldn’t study and had to rely on her husband’s income. This is true because she did not have any other option as she was not educated. But today, women are no more to spend her full time between the four walls of kitchen.
“You educate a man, you educate a man.
You educate a woman, you educate a generation.”
In villages no importance is given to a girl’s education. After completing her 10th, she was not given any right to study and was forced to do the household chores. Whereas boys were given full right to study. Why is this inequality observed in India? Is a women born only to stay in the four walls of the house? When will the society understand that a woman have the capability to match a man? In villages the NGOs are helping a lot to improve the education status of that place. The NGOs are providing money to the poor people to educate their children. No one in this world should be uneducated or illiterate.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

women education

Every year we hear that though it may be SSC or HSC exams, the toppers are girls. So why are girls not encouraged to study? Men are more capable than women. When will this discrimination come to an end? I feel that man knows that if once women will start educating herself she will leave the men behind. So due to this threat they don’t educate women.
The world is developing day by day. Competition has increased. If one will not be educated, he will be lost somewhere in this world. To stay on par, we need to educate. The donation of education is the best education. We all must spread education to each and everyone. Women can walk hand in hand with each other. Therefore it is a request to all parents that they must educate their children and let them stand on their feet.

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Aakriti Sharma
I am in 11th std from mulund college of commerce


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