Imagine how free we would feel and what we could accomplish if we could live without fear. That’s exactly how it starts – through imagination. Once you’ve imagined and finally decided to start up, the next step is to plan ahead and sink your teeth into the passion. You must ensure that ifs and buts are just the part of your plan and don’t let them overtake you. Ignoring them totally will be foolish, but eliminating them one by one will be smart enough.  So, what are the common fears every young, modern, Indian graduate encounters? And how easily they can be prevented from plunging on you to give up?



Struggle for business


Starting with..


1. Contactophobia: I don’t know anybody in the Industry.

Connections are essential to be in an industry. They do act like buttons, which you can press anytime you want your work to be done. But, it does not mean that if you do not have a contact, you’ll face difficulties in starting up. Dhirubhai Ambani, before starting up his business used to borrow funds to visit expensive cafes and restaurants in pursuing connection with millionaires. Find some way, but do not let yourself back out from this little ignorable fear.


2. Techiophobia: I am not a techie.

Possessing skills like programming, editing, hardware fixing and so on are beneficial to start a business but they are not prerequisites in the individual. Find some geeky friend, pitch your idea, motivate him to start up with you and plan together. The first computer-like device made by Steve Woznaik, co-founder of Apple and a friend to Steve Jobs had made Jobs imagine about starting up, followed by his motivation to Woznaik in the association.


3. I-am-newophobia: I don’t have experience.

This sort of fear is totally vague but equally haunting. Nobody has experiences beforehand but you will need to find them. Experience is starting up a business without any inhibitions and coming across good times and bad times in your expedition to increase profits. A safer experience would be to join a company first, study the elements of business and then start your own.


4. Alonophobia: I am alone, I don’t have a team.

Once you believe in your dream and work upon it, there will be followers who would love to work with you. There will be people inclined to same passion as yours and there will be friends and family to support you in your venture. Public speaking and soft skills are magnetic tools to rope in people.




5. Survivophobia: I will suffer a loss, followed by a debt.

This fear is similar to necrophobia, the fear of dying. This is the most haunting and daunting fear to our morale of starting up a business. The only way to divert this fear’s attention from you is to go through this quote: “Faith is taking the first step, even if you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


6. Investophobia: I will need money to infuse.

The biggest of all is Investophobia. Thinking about solidifying your plan and execution is better than thinking about how to find money to be channeled in. All the fuzzy people would worry about money before starting up. At present, there are more millionaires who started up with little amount of money than the millionaires with well-established empires.





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  1. Ankur Bramha 6 years ago

    Most common is SURVIVOPHOBIA
    It’s ok if u suffer a few losses in the initial stages
    That’s normal
    Now u will suffer a few losses but later on u might prosper

  2. Vanita Godwani 6 years ago

    well explianed article

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