How To Write Awesome Great Articles For The Web?


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Well all have different styles and genres of writing and so following a strict book on how to write would not be correct. But yes there are some tips and guidelines which everyone can follow and make sure to use them and make their written piece a well worthful piece to read. Read the below given tips and make your articles and writing style more beautiful.

  1. Be grammatically correct.

Yeah, always. No one is going to come and teach you the grammar basics now. Tie the knot perfectly with all your past, present and future tenses.

  1. Read a lot.

The best writer reads a lot. When you merge yourself into reading you feel comfortable while writing. Your hands will work on its own, the words and sentences will gradually come and help you. Yes, it’s a magic. The more you read, the more your content will be improvised. More ideas will be included in the piece. You can read anything you like – novels, magazines, newspapers.

  1. Editing.

Once your articles is complete read it once or twice. You will understand where the editing has to be done. Also while editing you may get a new sentence or idea or word to add up which will polish your piece more.

  1. Do the proper research.

If you are writing an informative article or on travel and food – you will have to first have an interest in it and then you can start your perfect research. Do not just post information. Remember you are writing an article.

  1. Photos should be attractive.

The photos you add with your articles attract viewers. Search for interesting and eye catching photos related to your article. Memes and humor photos are a hit always.


  1. The catchy title.

In order to make your content viral – the title plays the major and important role. Your title should be interesting or curious or unique or emotional or a warning. This will gather you more clicks.

For e.g.: Did you know ….



              Things you should not do …

Any type of warning, curiosity and negatives attract readers.

  1. Reader is the king.

When you write a piece make sure to write form the reader’s mind. How will the reader read it? This will avoid confusions in your article and form clarity.

  1. Be fresh.

Always try to write something fresh and unique. Something which has not been yet written. I know this cannot happen every day but when that day comes make it your masterpiece.

  1. Be creative and passionate.

You will have to accept challenges to be creative. And squeeze all the writing passion in you always when you work and do justice to your passion.

  1. Write for yourself.

Write for your own happiness. The satisfaction after completing an article is beautiful. Feel the core of it and love your work.

An article is not just a sentence to be exaggerated into 1000 words. It’s a complete journey. Right from the point you start, elope life events and examples, the main core content, a humor thought to an inspiring conclusion. Make it your best!

Best of luck! 🙂


 writing articles





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