How To Study Effectively For Academic Success?


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Pulling a book from your shelf, waiving off the dust and then opening it seems an epic thing many a times. Our semester is never on track and the point we decide to study effectively is the point when we break the resolution too. Coming into colleges and now degree colleges, studies are not given the prime place which it use to get during the schools and junior college days. Now the only fear is of the ATKT devil. All we want is to pass. Dreaming more than that is just not slated. But we realize what we are losing when the results are displayed. When someone tops the class …you get a pinch – what am I doing? And if you have studied – you think where did I lack? If you get any of this questions in your mind the below tips are going to help you out a lot.

We all know how important our studies are and also ought to work hard. But somewhere we fail. Yeah, there are a lot of distractions in life and focusing on studies coarsely used to be a thing in schools. But certainly as students it’s our responsibility for our own selves to do justice with our career. And hence taking out a textbook, a notebook and a pen, probably will start your journey.

  1. The mind.

You cannot start anything when your mind is not passionate about it. Until the fire breaks in the head the body doesn’t respond. So firstly – THINK. How important this semester and your studies are for you? How will you study? Where do you want to be? Your answers will lead you to the next step.

(TIP- many times we are confused and just don’t know where to start from or things seems messed up. Just chill, take a paper and pen – and write down all things in your head, you will find your problem and then the solution. Also write more things about your career and studies and your academic goals.)

  1. Make a time- table.

Not the studies time table – but your entire schedule. We always fail to study properly because we do not have a plan and do not know what we are doing and when? So track down all your activities – observe yourself – and write down the things you do in an entire day. Allocate a time phase suitable for you to study. May be its afternoon, morning or evening. Fix the span of studies you will need daily. A 2 hour study daily would be great.

  1. Study materials.

Make sure you have all the study materials right from your required textbooks, notebooks, pen, pencil and everything that you need in a single subject. Also make sure to keep all your books in good conditions always. If you are a book lover or a reader at heart – good looking books will always attract you. And if you are not – sorry just grab a book and sit for study. (Remember point one at such times)

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Now when you have observed yourself completely – set up your mind and heart to study well and sincerely with all the study materials ready, it’s time to go to the next step.

  1. Know the portion.

List down all the subjects and the chapters finished in your college so that you can start accordingly and tick off the one that is done. Also you get the complete idea in the mind how you are going to study and the time span especially.

  1. Read and Mark.

Always sit with a pencil or a marker. Always read the chapter first, understand it and mark the important points that you feel moved to. And then go for byhearting it if necessary.

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  1. Write notes.

The next step after reading a chapter or a section of it is- write it down. It’s not necessary to write the exact things down – remember you are in college now, and what you are doing is making notes of your own. So it’s not required to copy paste the book.

Pick the words that you feel effective, that will light your brain as soon as you read it – and display the rest answer in front of you. Keep on reading and marking and then writing the particular answer down in short points (your notes).

You are done with your first layer of study. Which you have to keep revising twice or as you wish.

  1. Practical subjects.

Its obvious practical subjects cannot be made like notes. What we can do is practice it every day or at least the day you learn a new thing. Accounts and Maths have to be strictly revised and once written in your home notebook. You just don’t need to waste your time again later. Always finish the practical subjects on the same day.

(Tip-In your schedule mark the practical subjects on your college practical day so that they collide with your college lectures.)

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  1. Making notes.

When you make notes – make it the way you like it and the way you will remember it. Pointers, bullets, colorful pens etc. which makes you happy and eager to study more.

Keep on reading and revising and making schedules. If you take breaks or do not study a day – it’s okay.  But always know you are matured enough now to manage your studies on your own. So if you miss a day of study one day, recover it the day when your mood is lifted.

Try to attend college lectures as much as you can, make your own notes and keep on revising and practicing practical subjects. And with all the tips up and some of your own – Be the master of your own studies. And always remember the competition is with your own self and not with anyone else. Always try to improve your performance in each semester, always work hard, love your studies, be happy and give your best shot. Make things happen! 🙂



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