Do People Always Tell You “Aaj Bhi Late”? 7 Super Perfect Tips To Master The Habit Of Punctuality



There are two kinds of people, one who are always on time while some others are always late. They always think that time runs fast only for them and not for others. You need to match up the speed and develop the habit of punctuality. Are you among the one who finds it hard to reach on time? Do you always struggle to reach somewhere before time? Are you fed up being called ‘Latelateef’?

Follow these few tips to inculcate the habit of punctuality

  1. Prepare time table

The best and the most effective tip is to plan your day, make a list of things you want to do on that particular along with the time management for each of it. If you have an important work for that day, highlight it so that it’s not skipped of your mind. If not write down at least roughly decide what you want to do.

  1. Fasten your clock

As you already know that you are a kind of person who is always late, keep the clocks at home at least 15 minutes fast, so that you may leave a bit early assuming you’re late.

  1. Keep your things ready before hand

The night before keep all the essential things ready for tomorrow, so that you may do not have to fetch for it last minute, because most of our time is wasted searching for our things, if it’s ready you can find it easily.


  1. Set your alarm

Set your alarm at least half an hour before the time you need to wake up so that you can get your stuffs ready and leave on time.

  1. Avoid wasting time

Most of the people who are often late are not late because they do not have time but because they spend most of their time doing unnecessary things. Some sleep with a brush in their mouth every morning, which ultimately gets them late every day. Think about the thing that makes you late every day and work to get it done on time.

  1. Make an estimate of time

Say for example you have to reach by 7.00 at Bandra station from Mira road, so make an estimate of how much time will you need to reach there before time without being late.

  1. Commitment to yourself

Last is you need to give commitment to yourself that you will follow all the above things and not act lazy and try and be punctual.

Master these few tips and learn to be always on time.

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Daisy Pais


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