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Often you may see people always worrying about something or the other, roaming with burden on their head. Little worry is good, it helps you take up action and solve the problem. But excess of worrying over small-small things could be unhealthy. Constant worrying could lead to stress, inappropriate sleep, nervous breakdown, negativity, ultimately leading to a bad day. Worrying does not stop the bad from happening it just keeps you away from enjoying the best moments of life, so why ruin your life worrying when you can stay happy and stress free.

Follow these few tips to stop worrying and start living

  1. Stop your thinking process

The moment you feel, the situation is getting out of hand and you are feeling stressed, try to put an end to your thinking process and avoid over thinking, as thoughts are the major reason for stress.

  1. Divert your mind

Keep your mind occupied with things that make you feel better.

  1. Positive thoughts

Most of the people surround themselves with pessimistic feeling, a feeling or belief that something will occur in future or future is always bad, some make a mountain out of mole hill making stuffs hard for them. The best way to avoid stress is fill one’s mind with positive thoughts that everything will be fine over time and should trust one’s ability.

  1. Find solution to your problem

Try and evaluate the problem and come up with concrete ways to deal with it and slowly put it into action. The problems and solutions may differ from person to person, so find your way to the problem. The early you get the solution the faster you can prepare yourself to deal with the problem.

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  1. Stay around people who can help you

There will be people who will increase your burden, and some will help you to control it, so it’s important to choose people who can motivate you and help you reduce your stress.

  1. Plan your schedule

One of the simplest and effective step to reduce your stress is that you can plan your entire schedule or time table for the day or week before hand, manage your time effectively and it will help you organize your work as well as reduce your work load.

  1. Personal space

People spend majority of their time thinking about everyone and anything around them, it’s good to be thoughtful but it’s also very important to remove time for yourself out of your busy schedule and plan a good outing or a party. If not that, use your time with smart phones apps, surfing the net and watching TV.

  1. Try yoga

Even if you’re not a yoga person, what you can simply do is close your eyes, meditate and reflect on various things happening in your life. Just relax and give your mind a moment of peace.

  1. Get good sleep

When you feel over burdened and can’t stop your thoughts from flowing across your mind, it’s always recommended to take a good sleep, to reduce stress levels and wake up rejuvenated.

  1. Live in the present

Most of the people spend their time thinking about their future, job, and family and forget their present, it’s good to think about future but it is even more important to live for the day.


If you wanna live a stress free life, the initiative should come from oneself. “The best thing you can do is not wonder, not imagine, and not obsess and have faith that everything will work out for the best”.

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