Teaching Hours and Assessment Pattern:

  1. Number of sessions of 90 minutes – 30
  2. Number of sessions of 90 minutes per week – 2
  3. Continuous Assessment – 40 I A
  4. Semester End examination – 60 I A
  5. Total marks – 100
  6. Duration of theory paper – 3 hours
  7. No. of credit – 2


The topics covered in Unit 1 are as follows:

  1. Management:
  2. Concept,
  3. Nature,
  4. Process and significance,
  5. An overview of functional areas of management,
  6. Managerial roles (Mintzberg),
  7. Evolution of management theory,
  8. Work of Fredrik W. Taylor,
  9. Fayol’s contribution Behavioural science approach,
  10. Contingency approach

The topics covered in Unit 2 are as follows:

Management functions:

  1. Planning,
  2. Organizing,
  3. Staffing,
  4. Directing and
  5. Controlling.


  1. Meaning,
  2. Importance,
  3. Elements,
  4. Processes,
  5. Limitations.

Decision Making:

  1. Concept,
  2. Importance,
  3. Steps in decision making,
  4. Preparation of Business Plan.

The topics covered in Unit 3 are as follows:


  1. Concept,
  2. Nature and significance,
  3. Authority and responsibility relationships,
  4. Centralization and Decentralization,
  5. Departmentation,
  6. Organization structure,
  7. Forms


  1. Importance,
  2. Sources of recruitment,
  3. Selection process.

The topics covered in Unit 4 are as follows:


  1. Meaning,
  2. Steps


  1. Motivation concept,
  2. Theories – Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor.
  3. Leadership concept, styles and traits


  1. concept,
  2. Process,
  3. Effective control system,
  4. control techniques,
  5. Coordination concept,
  6. Definition and importance.


The list of Reference books of Principles of Management is as follows:

  1. Essentials of Management – Koontz H & W, McGraw Hill, New York
  2. Principles of Management – Ramaswamy, Himalaya, Mumbai
  3. Management Concept of Practice – Hannagain T., McMillan, Delhi
  4. Basic Managerial Skills for All – McGrath E.H, Prentice Hall of India
  5. Management Text and Cases – VSP Rao, Excel Books, Delhi
  6. Essentials of Management – Massie Joseph, Prentice Hall of India
  7. Management: Principles and Guidelines – Thomas N. Duening and John Ivancevich, Biztantra
  8. Management Concepts and OB – P.S. Rao and N.V. Shah, Ajab Pustakalaya
  9. Management Concepts and Strategies – J.S. Chandran, Vikas Publishing House
  10. Principles of Management – Tripathi P.C., Tata McGraw Hill
  11. Principles of Management Theory and Practice- Sarangi S.K. – VMP Publishers and Distributors
  12. Principles of management – Terry G.R., AITBS

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