Evaluation of Executive Development Programme


Analyse the following case and answer the questions given at the end.

The Indian cooking gas Ltd, was established as a public sector company in 1963. It had its plants in six areas in the country. The company provided both in-company and out-company executive development programmes. In company programmes included orientation programme for Apprentice Assistant Executive Engineers. It had a staff college at Bangalore. Programmes were conducted at staff college for all types personnel. In company programmes included quality management, participative management, time management etc. the best faculty was drawn from Indian Institute of  Management, Universities, Professional Bodies etc., apart from the four permanent faculty positions are vacant.

Evaluation of management development programmes is done as a ritual rather than to make is a part of development process. Evaluation of in-company programme is done at staff college with the objective of knowing the participants learning and to know how far the participants have found the programme useful. The staff college sends no formal feedback to the functional heads of the departments and to the corporate personnel and administrative department. There appears to be no formal system that provides for the feedback from the participants and out-company programmes to their respective functional heads. There exists no evaluation model with pre-training and post-training evaluation and no efforts are made to develop evaluation techniques.

Analyse the case (10 marks)


1)      Find out the reasons for the unsatisfactory conditions of evaluation of management development programmes? (5 marks)

2)      How do you improve the conditions of evaluation of management development programmes?  (5 marks)

(Case Study of Human Resource Management Nov 2002)

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