Enjoy The Most Funniest HR Interview


Enjoy a Funny IAS Interview Joke(1)


Below Are Four (4) Questions And A Bonus Question. You Have To Answer Them 
Instantly. You Can’t Take Your Time, Answer All Of Them Immediately . OK?
Let’s Find Out Just How Clever You Really Are….

First Question:

You Are Participating In A Race. You Overtake The Second Person. What
Position Are You In?

Answer: If You Answered That You Are First, Then You Are
Absolutely Wrong! If You Overtake The Second Person And You Take His Place,
You Are Second! Try Not To Screw Up Next Time.

Now Answer The Second Question, But Don’t Take As Much Time As You Took For The First Question, OK ?

Second Question:

If You Overtake The Last Person, Then You Are…?

Answer: If You Answered That You Are Second To Last, Then You Are Wrong
Again. Tell Me, How Can You Overtake The LAST Person?

You’re Not Very Good At This, Are You?

Third Question:

Very Tricky Arithmetic! Note: This Must Be Done In Your Head Only. Do NOT Use Paper And Pencil Or A Calculator. Try It.

Take 1,000 And Add 40 To It. Now Add Another 1,000. Now Add 30. Add Another 1,000. Now Add 20. Now Add Another 1,000. Now Add 10. What Is The Total?

Did You Get 5,000?

The Correct Answer Is Actually 4,100. If You Don’t Believe It, Check It With A Calculator!
Today Is Definitely Not Your Day, Is It?

Maybe You’ll Get The Last Question Right….

Fourth Question:

Mary’s Father Has Five Daughters: 1. Nana, 2. Nene, 3. Nini,
4. Nono. What Is The Name Of The Fifth Daughter?

Did You Answer Nunu?
NO! Of Course It Isn’t.
Her Name Is Mary. Read The Question Again!


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Anand Jhansi

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